Trent Mays Accused of Sexual Assault…AGAIN

I really hate to say I told ya so, but…yeah…TOLD YA SO! I don’t think any of us that were involved in the Steubenville case or who followed the trial closely ever thought that Trent Mays would go silently into the night. Privately, we all discussed our fears that two years in juvenile detention was not long enough for him and that he would more than likely re-offend. His apology was more of an “I’m sorry I got caught” and based on his behavior, and how he preyed upon his victims knowing that they couldn’t fight back because they were too incapacitated to fight him off — it was just a matter of time before he had to hear his name again.

Trent is being accused of another assault — and he took photos. [insert not shocked face] He is now an adult and attends Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. Somewhere between Xenia and Dayton, I believe. From early reports and discussions with students, it is becoming alarmingly obvious that no one even knew who Trent Mays was, let alone that he was a registered sex offender walking among the student body of CSU.

Tonight when news broke on Twitter, someone sent me a tip and I went looking. These are the tweets that I found. I am still in the process of verifying additional information about the allegations and will update as I know more information.

What I do know is that: Trent Mays should have been locked away for a long time. Just because he can throw a football should not mean that he gets special privileges. Once again, it feels like a situation where the school was protecting or concerned about their football program rather than the safety of young women on campus who a sexual offender may have access to without their knowledge.

In the meantime, anyone can file a complaint with the Title IX coordinator at Central State University. The link to information on how to do so is here as well as the form to fill out to do so.

It is also imperative that if Trent Mays has assaulted you that you contact local law enforcement immediately and make a report. Even if you aren’t a victim and are fearful of his presence on your campus, please make a Title IX complaint using the link above. While he is entitled to an education, as female students you are entitled to a safe environment on your campus. Having an internationally known sex offender on campus who was not identified as such by CSU officials is an absolutely irresponsible act by the college.

Contact Information Title IX Coordinator:
Ariella J. Brown,
Title IX Coordinator University Student Center, Suite 217D
P.O. Box 1004
Wilberforce, Ohio 45384
Phone: 937-376-6563

Update: This morning I sent an email to the Title IX coordinator asking for their policy regarding sex offenders and notifying student body. I was immediately deferred to the university’s general counsel. I called Greene County to find out if Trent had registered with ESORN. He had — shocking. I then spoke to Central State University who advised me that a police report was taken regarding the incident and that the Chief of Police was personally taking care of this and that the officer would have the Chief call me back “within 10 minutes”.


  1. Jeannine Toudle

    Nothing will ever happen to him.that family should be cursed. All thr wrong he do, his mother takes it out on blacks youths and adults.she act as if she’s not a mother and I no she have to feel the pain her son has if she get as many of us off the streets. That makes room for her son. He has white privilege status. Just watch how this goes away. Mom will clean this up to and continue to hurt us and our children. If she can send the innocent away. I no hers can get sent away.

    1. Anonymous

      You are so right

      1. Jack

        What this guy did was wrong. Very wrong! There was no excuse for it. Yet
        like it or not he did his time as he should’ve. Trent made a very bad decision that night.
        One that he’ll have to live with for the rest of his life. It appears that all is wants is
        to have a new start. Will he or has he reoffended again? This article about him reoffending came out in March. That was almost three months ago. There’s been nothing said about him possibly having re-offended since then. If he did indeed reoffend the media would’ve been all over it. I know people who go to Central State U-. Some of them have met Trent. Despite what’s being said about him in these comments they said he’s a nice guy. I would never defend Trent for what he did to the girl when he was 16. Some people are simply too quick to judge others. In a lot of ways it’s wrong to judge him for something that happened when he was just 16.

        1. prinnie (Post author)

          His victim didn’t want to prosecute. Obviously his “new start” includes being a predator…again.

          1. OlRedHair

            This is so disturbing. I just watch the documentary.

          2. AmyD

            I just saw the documentary. Does he prey on African American girls? He sounds like a sociopath. Great job, if you hadn’t been on it how many other girls/women would have been attacked? Horrific that it seems/seemed to be accepted in Stuebenville.

          3. Bob Woodward

            I just saw the documentary. Thank you for your work and investigation of the truth. This is the most severe punishment I’ve heard of so far in regards to underage student rapists. Working close with the Title IX office, I hear about many of these (protected individuals) that get away with sexual assault. To see someone actual put away, just not long enough by any means, was some tiny amount of social justice. To the comment down below in regards to “Steubenville accepting” this kind of behavior, this is everywhere. Everywhere. Between “The Hunting Grounds,” and “Roll Red Roll,” there can at least be a start to the nation wide conversation that is taking place, in most cities and in all states. Thank you for your part in this and for spreading awareness.

          4. Jack

            You know this how? If he did sexually assault this girl it would’ve been in the news, what with all the notoriety that he got in Steubenville. I’m sure that he’s under the microscope and if he
            messes up if anything he’s be kicked out of school. I read that the
            victim of the rape in Ohio has moved on. I don’t know why the author of this site and other people who are leaving comments seem to be obsessing over it. I’m not defending what this guy did when he was in high school. It was wrong, Very wrong! It was up to the justice system to prosecute and convict him. My god this was 7 years ago. I think it’s time for the author to let it go and focus on her own life and move on. It’s not up to her to play judge and jury or to try and save other women. He has to live with it for the rest of his life.

  2. Sue Hawthorne

    Wow, so disappointing. He had a chance to do something with himself. Shame on him again

  3. anonymous

    Check this out!–law/csu-isn-sex-offender-registry-because-conviction-came-minor/th6R85KQTdeT46e8WobRoK/

    “Local March 24, 2018
    By Josh Sweigart Max Filby, Staff Writer

    Central State University football player Trent Mays was convicted in 2013 along with a Steubenville High School teammate of raping a 16-year-old girl who was incapacitated by alcohol. But because Mays was a juvenile at the time, his conviction does not appear on the sex offender registry.

    If not for widespread publicity of the crime, Mays’ conviction would be unknown to many of his fellow students, and possibly to the school.

    Central State officials would not comment on their decision to allow Mays to enroll and play football, citing federal laws protecting student privacy.”

    1. DMK

      obviously getting a football player is higher priority than safety of all women on campus.

      1. prinnie (Post author)

        I think it is reasonable to assume this is absolutely accurate. I was told that the coaches and athletic department arranged his arrival. No one knew anything until he was already settled in. There was no discussion about a sex offender being on campus – nothing. No one even knew who he was until the allegations surfaced and young ladies on campus started doing searches on him.

        1. AmyD

          Not to get off topic, but if this is what sports and the money it brings to schools does, then get sports out of schools.

          1. Chunky Monkey

            Good luck! Too much money my friend!

        2. Jack N.

          It sounds like you’re obsessing over this. You think that the information you’ve obtained is accurate. When making a statement you need to have gotten it from a reliable source. It sounds like the information you got came from hearsay and gossip. You’re not basing what you say on facts. I worked at a university for a number of years. I know very well how fast rumors and innuendo spread around campus. Do you even go to this school? What Mr. Mays did was repulsive and uncalled for. Yet he was fairly convicted in a court of law. He did his time. It’s not up to you to try and convict him yet again. This time on your website. I’m at least 30 years older than you with a lot more life experience. I’ve done extensive research for a major Boston newspaper. If Mr. Mays really did what you claim he did the media would’ve picked up on it in a minute. What with his history from Ohio. Five months later and there’s been not one word of him in the news. This happened 7 years ago. It’s not your place to try and save women. Instead of focusing on a convicted rapist you should move on with your life. You need to focus on your own life.

          1. prinnie (Post author)

            I’m positive it’s accurate. I spoke with the young lady that he raped. Now kindly go somewhere else with your garbage.

    2. Angela

      I hope they never get to have sex again. Stick together ladies. No sex for rapists EVER. They should be thrown away like the trash that they are.

  4. OlRedHair

    Follow this post

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  6. Kate Dymond

    Hi Prinnie just watched the Storyville documentary. I live in the UK but I have to thank you for your strength and resilience to campaign for victims who so often have no voice of their own. It was quite clear in last 10 minutes of the documentary, during the court scenes that Mays had absolutely no remorse and as you rightly say would attack again and again. He obviously has a deluded sense of importance and no moral compass. Karma will find and he will get everything he deserves. Brilliant work Prinnie you are a Warrior!!!

  7. Anon Ymous

    When the so -called ” justice system” fails, it’s time for street justice !

  8. Chunky Monkey

    I just watched the documentary. I was gonna pass on it for a few reasons but decided to watch so I could hear the amount of jail time these pukes received for this UGLY CRIME!

    At the END of the documentary I said out loud to myself Mays WILL Reoffend! Richmond had a poor judge in friends, there but for the Grace of God go I. Richmond is poor & black with ZERO chance at pro ball or anything else. He’ll be stuck in Steubenville, check back in 30 years he’ll be working at a local Wal-Mart or something. I don’t think he’ll reoffend?

    Now don’t get bent on my soft approach to Richmond, I’ve seen enough trials and perps to pretty much tell you who’ll reoffend or not. Mays is a DIFFERENT character altogether! His father is 50+ years his senior and the trial and lawsuit filed against you, Goddard is PROOF of who the father is, more like a grandfather. Once a Sexual Predator of this kind ALWAYS A SEXUAL PREDATOR! What people outside of law enforcement don’t realize are a few things:

    1) Sexual Predator this CALIBER have a 100% Recidivism Rate
    2) A JUVENILE Sexual Predator who is/was protected by the sporting establishment thinks he’ll never get caught 100% Recidivism Rate
    3) A Juvenile Sexual Predator with Mays charisma & physique who did JUST 1 year in Juvenile Detention DID NOT GET RAPED IN JAIL
    4) Mays will either do time on the installment plan or
    5) If he is convicted again he’s going to the BIG HOUSE up at Marion and he’ll find out what rape is really all about with his big mushy butt! He WON’T be talkin’ no smack about Google me.

    Like I always say: “Every woman, Everywhere, EVERYDAY!!!”

    While watching the documentary I thought well this is NOT A NEW CRIME! This happens to Every woman, Everywhere; EVERYDAY!!! So during my research to find out what happened to Mays TODAY August 2019 is when I came across your site with an I told ya so! However before getting to your site I discovered this is how it is in all male sports. Barack Obama did create Title IX but if the students aren’t away it does NO GOOD!

    The Sexual Registry is made to let these pukes know their neighbors are watching. I get notified anytime a Sexual Predator moves into my zip code.

    COLLEGE WOMEN note for you! Sign up for the Sexual Registry where you go to school or zip code you reside in! Know your neighbor that means on campus too! Remember Sexual Predators have a 100% Recidivism Rate; Mays will Reoffend ladies! Arm yourself with knowledge, you’ve got the world at your fingertips.

    I’m hoping ANONYMOUS will LIGHT THIS PUKE UP AGAIN since he thinks the Internet is his playground; to show off is sex crimes!


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