Anonymous Comes to Steubenville

It took “outsiders” to help raise voices and awareness to how the subject of rape was perceived in Steubenville, and around the world. It was GLORIOUS to watch the streets fill with people who were in attendance at the Steubenville rallies to support Jane Doe. It was even more amazing to witness the many who then took to the courthouse steps and use the platform to talk about their own stories and truths.

I wish I could say that everyone in Steubenville has changed their attitudes about rape culture or this case, but they haven’t. To this day, some are still insulting and harassing those who continue to speak out about it. The negative voices are being amplified and are drowning out those in town who are still ashamed of what happened. They are still in fear of retaliation if they say out loud what they want to say – just as it was 7 years ago.

I’m attaching screenshots from Twitter that were directed to me just a few short weeks ago. You be the judge whether attitudes have changed. Maybe if they stopped making excuses and started making change their town wouldn’t still look so bad.

By the way, I wasn’t “harassing high school kids”. I tweeted to a local mission organization that had given a presentation on human trafficking at Steubenville High School. I asked why there wasn’t education about rape culture, consent, and bystander intervention training. Principal Gorman immediately blocked me and he wasn’t even included in the tweet. It was shortly after this twitter inquiry that tweet after tweet came at me blaming ME for their town looking bad. That’s not how this works.

This is what I got when I asked why they were teaching about human trafficking and not consent or rape culture.


  1. hollyshere

    The more the Steubeville Shrew Crew talk, the more they prove their ignorance and the reason Anonymous and you were needed to bring this case to light.

  2. Michele robinson

    I truly believe that had you not got involved and had Anonymous got involved nobody would of heard about the Steubenville Rape. Thank you for all the time you put into the research and all of your time. Enjoyed reading your book. Cannot believe how immature some adults really are after reading the tweets and Facebook posts😂

  3. Stupidville

    You can’t even post anything about this on Facebook, the locals report anything they don’t like in an attempt to get the account closed

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Really? Hmm, I may have to open up the Steubenville forum so people can talk about this. I’m sure it is a few of the Steubenville screechers who are doing it. They have also been harassing the filmmaker on the FB page and threatening lawsuits because of public film footage. They really should do a quick Google before making legal threats. These women will never stop. All they are doing is cementing the public opinion that their town is tolerant of this kind of bs.


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