Missing: Kenneth Howard, 22 months old

Kenneth Howard

UPDATE: I am perfectly okay with eating as much crow as necessary when I can say FINALLY a happy ending with a missing child. Kenneth was found a short distance away from his home on a 50 foot incline. He is doing well and has been reunited with his family.

Here we go again. I really hate hearing about missing kids lately because as it usually turns out, the child is murdered by his caretakers.

Kenneth Howard, who is almost 2 years old went missing Saturday evening around 7:30 PM according to his father, Elden Howard. However, 911 wasn’t called until approximately 8:30 PM and local media has reported two different stories about how it was discovered that Kenneth was missing. It is being said that the hounds were unable to pick up a scent, and infrared drones had not found any sign of Kenneth in the woods behind the home. As of yesterday, the search for Kenneth had been called off only 24 hours into the search and rescue mission, and all rescue volunteers and law enforcement have left the area. This would lead one to believe that yet again, this is a case where hopes of finding a live child will be dashed.

Kenneth’s older sister

I’d also like to point out that this home is in a holler and surrounded by forest. The holler runs up from the main road which is very rural. It is HIGHLY unlikely that someone “picked him up” if he was only missing for 5 minutes before they noticed he was gone. From my personal experience and having lived deep in Appalachia believe me when I tell you that you KNOW when a car is coming down the road. You know by the sound of that vehicle who it belongs to and you know when it is someone not from around the area. There is absolutely no truth to whether or not someone took him — they would KNOW had there been vehicles near their home.

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