Clarisa Figueroa: Murdering Monster

Clarisa Figueroa – the accused

THIS thing. There aren’t any decent descriptive words that come to mind to describe the woman I am about to tell you about. What happened to Marlen Ochoa-Lopez is beyond human comprehension and only monsters would do to her what Clarisa Figueroa and three people in her home have been accused of doing. She has been accused of luring the young expectant mother to her home before Marlen was strangled and her baby was cut out of her body.

On April 23, Marlen Ochoa a 19-year old pregnant wife from Chicago was reported missing. Marlen had gone to a home to trade baby strollers. She was due to give birth to her son soon and had posted recently on a Facebook group called Help a Sister Out. The group had over 32,000 members and the premise of the group was for mothers or expectant mothers to buy, sell or trade their lightly used baby goods. Marlen’s family says that she went to the woman’s home when Clarisa had offered to give her extra baby clothes for her unborn son. These conversations about clothing and strollers were had in the baby group on Facebook.

In October 2018, Clarisa Figueroa started telling people that she was pregnant. She is a 46-year old woman and told friends that she had an emergency appendectomy and during the surgery, her surgeon found a cyst on her ovary. She had previously had her tubes tied, and told friends that when the doctor removed the cyst or tumor that they untied the tube and “forgot to tie it back”. Yeah, that’s just not how that procedure works but they bought it and she pretended to be pregnant with twins for months.

Her boyfriend, Pete Bobak even went so far as to post the ultrasound picture on his Facebook account – of course, it was a fake one that could be found on Google images.

January 4, 2019 ultrasound post from FB of Pete Bobak

There was no pregnancy. Clarisa went through the motions of pregnancy even to the point of painting a nursery and naming the fake child Xander. Chicago Police revealed today that Marlen was strangled on April 23 when she went to Clarisa’s home and her body dumped in a garbage can in her backyard. She and her daughter, Desiree Torres, allegedly cut the unborn baby from her womb. The baby wasn’t breathing and 911 was called with the caller stating that Clarisa had given birth prematurely and they were performing CPR on the infant.

But, it gets even more screwed up – if that’s even plausible. Clarisa and her boyfriend created a GoFundMe page to raise $9,000 for funeral expenses if the baby boy didn’t pull through as he was on life support at the hospital.
According to a screenshot of the GoFundMe campaign shared on Twitter by a Fox 32 Chicago reporter, the campaign earned at least $1,255 before it was removed from the website. Bobak posted the GoFundMe on his Facebook page May 8 at 9:08 PM .

The above is an image gallery containing all of the screenshots that I was able to gather. While I was writing this piece, Clarisa’s Facebook has been deactivated. Chicago Police said today in their press conference that they weren’t given any information about the Facebook connection until May 7 and that it “takes time” to investigate. While I understand that sifting through social media takes time and tenacity, the information was there from the start. For 22 days Marlen’s baby has been on life support and up until quite recently, no one even knew that he wasn’t Clarisa’s child. I have read that it was the family who brought the social media posts to the police’s attention causing them to then investigate.

Clarisa Figueoroa Facebook
Desiree Torres
Pete Bobak

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