This Is NOT How You Treat Kids

I came across this post on Facebook last night and after reading through all of the comments, the more I think about some of them, the more angry I get. This is the video that was posted during the 8th grade class trip to Washington DC. As you can clearly see in the beginning of the video, the teacher/coach was punching the child and then started hitting him in the face with a magazine. The father said that the child tried to keep this a secret and he didn’t know about it until the school heard about it and called him. The boy has bruises from where the coach was hitting him.

What ticks me off is the comments from some people who are saying this is how boys become men, and the boy shouldn’t have been such a “pussy”. Seriously? If this was my kid and some grown man laid hands on him, he would be removing my foot from his ass! This is NOT acceptable. He is a teacher – a mentor and he is supposed to set an example for these kids. This is not how you are an example and this has nothing to do with teaching a boy to be a man.

UPDATE: Looks like this teacher has had issues in the past.

GASTONIA, N.C. — A Forestview High School teacher and coach accused of assaulting a woman is still teaching at the school.
According to Gaston County Sheriff’s Office, Gregory Martin Kumse, 24, is accused of assaulting Cathy Bryson Benoist by hitting her in the back of the head with his hand in late February at a bar in Belmont.
Kumse teaches math and is a assistant boys basketball coach at the high school, according to Gaston County school officials.
School officials said Kumse is still teaching classes and serving as a coach because the allegations occurred off campus and did not involve anyone on-campus.
Officials said Kumse followed school system procedures and reported the incident to school officials.
Kumse has been teaching at Forestview since August. He’s scheduled to appear in District Court on April 2.

Need help and opinions on what to do. I just don’t know if my feelings as parent gets the better of me or is this really unacceptable like I believe it is. This happened in the hotel room on the 8th grade DC trip. My son tried to keep it from me but the school called us today. They say they are investigating the matter. My son is upset and never intended to antagonize anyone, let alone a teacher. Even if he did, no teacher in a position of his should be physical in anyway. What would you do? Is this acceptable or no? I don’t wanna over re-act over spilt milk if you will. Thanks…

Geplaatst door Donald-Nicki Finsley op Donderdag 23 mei 2019

Second video of him bullying the boy and calling him a fat ass.

Geplaatst door Donald-Nicki Finsley op Donderdag 23 mei 2019
Greg Kumse

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