Steubenville Case: Where Are They Now?

FINALLY! Everyone was able to see the documentary Roll Red Roll on POV/PBS last night and since then I’ve had a lot of people asking where are they now? So…I am going to provide some information. I hadn’t kept up with any of the kids involved over the years until about a month ago when I figured I should take a look in case people were asking, and of course, to satisfy my own curious nature. I ask questions like, how had they changed from uncaring adolescents to hopefully more compassionate adults? Had they left the microcosm of Steubenville for other places where they would see that life elsewhere isn’t like it is in the valley? Many of them appear to still be close friends. Some look like they have changed – others…not so much. Those who haven’t changed much, I truly hope that women who date them or befriend them will do a search on their names so that they are at least informed.

Jane Doe

She is living her best life. <3

Trent Mays

Trent Mays was adjudicated delinquent and spent two years in juvenile detention. Upon his release he didn’t return to Steubenville High School. Instead he went to the neighboring school system and did not play football there, that I am aware of. Upon graduation he went to Hocking Technical College near Athens, Ohio and was the team captain and quarterback of the newly formed football team. There was pushback from the community, but nothing really became of it. Go figure. It’s yet more evidence that athletics holds a higher place in society than doing what’s right or protecting women from sexual predators. Trent left Hocking College and somehow ended up at Central State University in Ohio. I spoke with former employees there who told me that no one knew Trent was transferring there – not even the Title IX coordinator. It was said that it was solely the athletics department who brought him in. There wasn’t much notice of him on campus until he was accused of sexual assault…again.

Trent Mays won’t be found on a public sex offender registry as Ohio law allows juveniles to register with their Sheriff’s Department in the county they reside in and the only way for someone to know if someone who was convicted as a juvenile is on a sex offender list is to call the Sheriff’s Office. Trent should have graduated from Central State this spring. It is unknown whether he has returned to Steubenville or not.

Ma’lik Richmond

Ma’lik Richmond was adjudicated delinquent and spent 10 months in juvenile detention. Upon his release, he returned to Steubenville High School and wait for it…rejoined the football team.

A convicted rapist who was at the center of one of the ugliest sagas in recent prep sports history is back on his school’s football team, less than two years after the alleged assault took place.

As reported by Cleveland ABC affiliate WEWS and Wheeling, W. Va. CBS affiliate WTRF, among other outlets, Ma’lik Richmond rejoined the Steubenville High Big Red football team on Monday with the blessing of the team’s longtime head coach, Reno Saccoccia.

Richmond was released from juvenile detention in January 2014 after serving 10 months following his conviction on sexual assault charges. Richmond’s conviction classified him as a Tier II sex offender, which requires him to register with state officials every 180 days for the next 20 years. It’s no surprise that Richmond’s reinstatement generated a firestorm of controversy both in Ohio and nationwide, as many expressed outrage over the perceived leniency in his punishment.


Ma’lik then went on to attend Youngstown State and was able to get on the football team. His arrival there was not well received by the women at the school and they petitioned the university and had protests. Ma’lik was removed from the team and responded with a lawsuit which eventually settled. The university allowed him back on the football team. It is said that he is training and is trying to play football professionally.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -A settlement has been reached in the civil rights lawsuit filed by a Youngstown State University football player against the university according to a court document.

Ma’lik Richmond, of Steubenville, filed the lawsuit Sept. 13 after Youngstown State University allowed him to join the football team and then told him he couldn’t play this season.

A judge issued a temporary order the next day allowing Richmond to play until a Sept. 28 hearing on whether to make the order permanent.
Richmond played in the home game that following weekend.

Some members of the community expressed outrage upon learning that Richmond was one of two high school football players who was convicted of raping a 17-year-old girl at a party. Richmond served a year in juvenile detention as a result.

A motion filed Monday in U.S. District Court by attorneys representing both sides asks for the case to be dismissed, saying that the issues have been resolved.

Ma’lik petitioned the juvenile court to remove his sexual offender status and his petition was granted. He will never have to register as a sex offender again.

Mark Cole

Mark Cole’s home is where the crime occurred and location C in the documentary. As you recall, Mark Cole, Anthony Craig and Evan Westlake were all granted immunity for their testimony. Mark joined the USMC and is back in the Steubenville area coaching wrestling and some sort of MMA fighting as evidenced by an ad on his Facebook page.

Marine Corps vet living life one day at a time snap @magic_mark35

Anthony Craig

Anthony graduated from college. He was implicated in the April 2012 rape but was never charged. Currently he is involved in youth sports in Steubenville.

Evan Westlake

Evan Westlake filmed the infamous Nodi video. He may be going to pharmacy school, but not much was ever heard of or from him after the case went viral. He and the others have stayed out of the spotlight.

Michael Nodianos

After graduation “Nodi” went on to OSU with a full scholarship and had to leave Ohio State University when people found out he was attending there. His video is so repugnant that it will probably follow him for the rest of his life, and he has never spoken publicly about it nor apologized. In fact, none of those involved have ever made any public statement of apology for their behavior and I doubt they ever will.

Farrah Marcino

Farrah was the young girl seen in the beginning of the film while speaking to detectives where she said she didn’t intervene because Jane Doe wasn’t one of her friends. Farrah is a mother now and I can only hope that as a mother she will teach her daughter to be kind to others and to look out for them – even if they are outsiders. So much would be different from that night if just one person had reached out to an adult or to police to help Jane Doe.

Mike McVey, Former Steubenville Superintendent

He resigned and was later hired as a principal at a neighboring elementary school. It blows my mind that anyone would hire him after being charged with tampering with evidence and trying to cover up rapes.

Sadly, nothing has really changed in Steubenville. There has been no wave of conversation about how to change perceptions of rape or how young women are treated. In fact, the former rape crisis center that was in place during the case has been closed down and employees fired for wanting to provide public education about sexual violence and rape culture. Not one person has picked up the torch to change the way that the world views the town. Instead they make excuses that people are picking on them and how proud they are of their town. It’s been 7-years of doing nothing to make sure that the young men in the town are educated about consent. The local news station hasn’t reported on the documentary. In fact, this tweet caused me to LOL – they would rather talk about a giant inflatable colon than report on rape or the toxic culture that was present in their town that was at the root of behaviors that night in 2012.

Defamation Suit & Mean Tweets

In October I was sued for defamation by the Saltsman family. Cody Saltsman, the ex-boyfriend of Jane Doe, is who took the picture of her being carried by her wrists and ankles. Not only was I sued, but 25 John Doe anonymous commenters were sued. It is my belief, that the goal was to unmask the anonymous identities of my commenters here so that their identities would be known. This concerned me greatly because they were nearly all locals and were using pseudonyms to protect themselves from backlash in town. Through my attorneys Jeff Nye and Tom Hardin we were able to get the ACLU of Ohio involved to represent the commenters here and on December 27, 2012 a press release was issued by the ACLU that the Saltsmans were dismissing the case with prejudice and that I would allow Cody to post an apology here on my blog.

I was living in California during this time and had gone to great lengths to keep my location private. I had to leave my home in the Mojave Desert because the wife of one of the Ohio BCI agents on the case posted my address on Twitter. I don’t know how she was able to get the address. I didn’t even get mail at my home. I had 4 miles of sand in either direction to a main road and the mail didn’t even deliver to my house, but somehow she was able to obtain my physical location and posted it on Twitter – surely as a means of intimidation since she was friends with and participated in the harassment that was occurring. The sad thing is – at one time I considered her my best friend. I was her maid of honor and when the chips fell, she chose to side with her community. Her mother, Georgiann Allen, who is in her 70s tweeted to me that she hoped my friends and I got AIDS and died a slow death. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, right? Overall, I really think that it shows the culture in Steubenville among some in town. They have never had consequences based on who they are and so they think they can act this way without consequence.

There were many Steubenville football moms, teachers, court system staff and even the Jefferson County Assistant Prosecutor got involved.

There are so many screenshots that I just can’t post here. It would take forever to load, but I did take all that I could find minus a ton in pdf form and self published a book of screenshots that I gathered during my research and that documented the harassment once I had started blogging about the case.

As for me…I got REALLY sick due to the stress this caused me. I ended up getting diverticulitis and had to have a colon resection. 8″ of colon…thank ya very much. Oh, and I finally bought a lampshade LOL I was so sick in that scene where I am talking about not filing a lawsuit just because someone is mean. I was only about a month post-op resection and was in pretty bad shape. WORST SURGERY EVER! Oh yeah….and I quit smoking. Yay me!

I’m living in Columbus, Ohio now. I really don’t like Ohio and hated that I had to come back here, but at the time it was the least likely place any crazy person would look for me. Finally I couldn’t stand the fact that I felt I was living in hiding so I disclosed that I was in Columbus and essentially took away any power that these people had with their threats or intimidation of knowing where I lived.

Winnie and Wilson are doing great! Wilson is 17 years old and Winnie is 9. And I have two birds now. It’s a zoo here, but I like it.

I’m good. Life has had its ups and downs but that’s life, right? We are malleable, ever-changing beings and we adapt and overcome. Life is filled with good and bad and it is up to us to pick what we focus on. I opt to focus on the good and cling desperately to hope that things will get better and that they WILL change.

I think employers in my town are probably afraid when they Google me and see the publicity, so I am looking for work. I’m available for speaking engagements and training. If you need research or consulting work — give me a yell! You can check my other site for credentials and what I do: Or if you would like to support my work — you can do so here

Here are some obligatory pics of the dogs and birbs. Have a great day!

Update: Wilson crossed over to Rainbow Bridge on June 27th. I am heartbroken. 🙁

Edit: This weekend I am going to upload all of the court documents and other items related to the case if anyone is interested in reading those.

LOOK! I have a lampshade! LOL


  1. Charlotte Amidon Muia

    Thank you, Alexandria, for all the work you’ve done regarding Steubenville. I was born (1941) and raised there until I married in 1961 and escaped to Seattle 6 weeks later. I have a love hate relationship with the town & have come to realize that strongly entrenched beliefs and entitlements will never change. From babyhood on it takes training from parents, teachers, ministers, priests & coaches to teach respectful conduct. When this fails or is lacking trouble may abound. A great disservice was done to those boys with no guidelines to become part of their everyday life. It is truly shameful. Glsd you quit smoking & sorry about your colon. I’m now living in California producing olive oil. Once again thank you.
    Charlotte Amidon Muia

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      You are so right about the entrenched beliefs and entitlements. It boggles my mind that some locals are still holding fast to the “Steubenville strong” attitude. It’s ridiculous. And I’m really jealous that you are in Cali. I miss it — Joshua Tree will always be “home”. One day I will return to the desert. I just can’t tolerate the weather in the midwest with hardware in my spine.

      Glad you escaped though. It’s amazing how we change once we leave our childhood homes and outgrow the bucolic attitudes and ideals we were taught or used to.

    2. prinnie (Post author)

      Or this comment from someone in Steubenville. I know Lou. Used to be friends with him until I wrote about the case. Looks like he hasn’t changed. Big Red over decency. Go team. /sarcasm

      Lou Kakascik said: you talk about bullies? Who is bullying now? You know people fuck up in life and I am not saying this lightly but they do deserve a chance to redeem themselves and maybe make up for their mistakes, but when people stalk them and bully them over and over again like Alex is how can they? I have never agreed with what happened but it’s also wrong to pursue them like you do so that makes you no better

      1. prinnie (Post author)

    3. Elena

      These guys must be castrate!!!

  2. Jacob

    Anything on Cody Saltsman?

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      I’m not sure what he is up to these days.

  3. Jean

    Just watched Roll Red Roll. I vaguely recall this case but I thought the guys got prison time; guess I confused them with 2 other pig rapists.

    I would be interested in reading court documents.

    I am really sorry for the harassment and health issues you’ve undergone but you are a warrior for the truth!

    I live on the west coast and I’d like to believe we value people over pigskin.

  4. raven

    i remember when this story first came out and following through it while it was happening. i remember being completely outraged at what i was reading and hearing and was disgusted at the outcome of the trials.

    i will tell you i started watching Roll Red Roll online at PBS and am shaking i am so incensed at the behavior of the so-called “men” in this case (principal, superintendent, coach, fathers, etc.) let alone what the kids were saying. i am incredulous that people would raise their kids to be so callous, cold, unfeeling and evil. right now i’m at the 25:30 mark and had to stop to post this comment.

    i wish i had been following you all along. i have a lot of reading to do.

    but one things strikes me. we have a so called ‘president’ in the White House who basically says these EXACT things. “oh she is too ugly to rape.” “she’s not my type.” while it sickens me to think that these boys basically got off scott free (and the fact that Ma’lik doesn’t have to register as a sex offender anymore) is beyond my ability to reason.

    the Brock Turners and Owen Labries of this world get away with these heinous acts and suffer no consequences while the victims’ lives are shattered and changed forever.

    thank you for all the work you’ve done for this story. i see it hasn’t been remotely easy for you. i will be back.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Agree 1000000000% re the orange shit weasel in the White House. What kind of example is he setting for young men and boys? No, it hasn’t been easy but I’ve done my best to cope with it and not totally lose my marbles.

  5. raven

    wow. i just finished the movie. i sat here screaming at my computer screen. Ma’lik’s defense attorney is a pig. they all are. the lies. the cover ups. i didn’t even know about the April case. same boys. same thing. but a slap on the wrist in total. *smdh*

    not surprising to see your post about Trent Mays recent sexual assault. you are correct that he will NEVER change. especially because he never took any accountability for what he did. he will get convicted some day. and hopefully he will spend the rest of his putrid life in prison. where the boys will really become his *buddies* ~ so to speak. crimes against children and women (SOs – sex offenders) are not looked on very highly.

    i am looking forward to reading the rest of your blog. now i’m two hours after work at my office. lol i need to get home to the fur baby. i admire you immensely. i’m sure we will talk more.

    have a great rest of your evening.


    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Thank you. And unfortunately, yes…we’ll hear about Trent again. He’s going to hurt someone. IMO Enjoy your evening. 🙂

  6. raven

    did you hear about this today?


    it happens again.

  7. Анастасия

    Hello, Alexandra.
    my name is Nastya and i am from russia. it is very difficult for me to write on English but i think that i should say you that you are really brave and smart woman. In Russia we have a lot of femenism internet groups and there i read on russian your investigation about your small town and “culture of rape”. I want to say you that you do everything right. Thank you for this investigation, because trust must be triumphant.

    From Russia with love

    1. prinnie (Post author)


      Спасибо большое за Ваш комментарий. Я хотел написать вам лично, чтобы сообщить, что для меня большая честь, что вы нашли время прокомментировать мой блог, и очень счастлив, что вы смогли увидеть Roll Red Roll. Это удивительно! Я использую переводчик, поэтому я надеюсь, что моя электронная почта имеет смысл. Еще раз большое спасибо! Я очень ценю ваши добрые слова.

  8. Sandy Wright


    Just finished watching Roll Red Roll. So courageous of you to do all that research, especially knowing the type of backlash you were sure to get. I was shocked to learn that Trent Mays was implicated in an earlier rape of a 14-year old girl. He’ll do it again, that’s for certain. I hope you are getting royalties from Roll Red Roll as you were instrumental in getting this awful incident and attempt at a cover-up exposed for what they were. (P.S. Bought your twitter/fb screenshots on Amazon).

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      I don’t have any financial interests with the documentary and was happy to contribute my story. Thanks for buying the book of screenshots. I didn’t write a lot because once again — the screenshots speak for themselves. There were some pretty awful people who chimed in.

  9. Jon Landon

    Thank you for your courage in the face of such animosity and arrogance. I wish you the best and hope there is justice in the future for these criminals.

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Thank you.

  10. Sude I.

    Hi Alexandra,
    I’ve just watched the movie on Netflix and there are no words to describe my feelings. İ write to you from far away a country called “Turkey” which is located in between Europe and Middle-East. Here, even tough our state must secular, there are so many muslims and our dictator-to-be is one of the maniac muslim. For centuries, through around the world we’ve been shut down as women, people of lgbtiq, women of color. It was always the patriarchy and the men. I am a feminist who study philosophy on one of the great universities in this country.
    I’ve just wanted to thank you and everyone who was involved to make them send to prison even tough it’s not enough. We have to destroy that “rape culture”. This whole thing is so couraging and inspiring. I wanna thank you in the half of the women who live far away in different countries and continentals. Our stories and resistance make us united.
    I think I’m gonna stick with your blog even tough I’m not much of a blog reading person.
    Loves and hugs

    1. prinnie (Post author)

      Thank you so much! My real hope is that the film inspires others to want to get involved. There were so many people who stood by and did nothing. I thank you also for being a voice in your country.

  11. Renee Jones

    You are a remarkable and courageous woman. Thank you so much for taking a stand. I thank god that this became national news. It still shocks me how women/girls are programmed to believe that somehow what you wear or how much you drink should give another human permission to violate you if you are a woman. We will get there, one day. You are the difference, thank you.

  12. Jenn

    Great post, thanks for all your hard work.
    What about the scumbag also known as C. Saltsman?

    Also didn’t Malik’s dad shoot the judge? This should be added to his paragraph if this is truly how malik’s dad was killed.


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