RIP Wilson

It has taken me 2 weeks to even be able to sit down and write this post. Mostly I’m writing as a way to help myself through the grieving process of losing my best friend. My heart is broken. I got his ashes back on Tuesday and it was like ripping the scab off and I grieved all over again. I know that some people won’t understand the bond that we have with our furkids and I get that, but Wilson was my rock. He was 17 years old and was with me through some of the shittiest moments of my life. He was my four legged kid who spent his entire life making sure that I was okay and loving me unconditionally. When I was at my lowest – he was there and when I didn’t think I could go on he was there letting me know that no matter how bad I thought life was – there was someone there that needed me. He heard the thoughts and secrets that I wouldn’t tell others because I feared it might make me vulnerable and may have exposed me to potential betrayal or hurt. People suck. He was there for it all and asked nothing in return but for me to love him. He saved me many times over and I miss him dearly.

See you on the other side, little buddy.

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  1. Anne Gooch

    Sorry for your loss. It is so hard losing a beloved animal friend. He looks so sweet.


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