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Autumn in Ohio

10.25.2015_fallIt won’t be long now until the trees are bare and winter’s wind and that ugly white stuff that no one wants to acknowledge will be here, and it will be yet another year that I am not back in my beloved home in the Mojave Desert.  BUT…I’m making the best of it, and I truly believe that everything that happens in our lives is for a reason and preparing us for the next journey that the universe/creator tosses our way.  I miss the desert A LOT, but while I was there I also missed the changing of seasons, especially autumn.  It is by far my favorite season just because of the brilliant colors of the leaves turning as they die.  That has always intrigued me – the leaves are dying and in their death throes provide the most amazing backdrops to our surroundings.  I’ve been so sick that I haven’t been able to get out to take some pictures, but hopefully this week I can get out and snap some.

Speaking of being sick…I saw the surgeon on Friday and had my staples removed.  Hurray!  They were so uncomfortable, especially when I sat up for more than an hour.  The staples where they sewed up my naval would get really sore from the pressure so I could only sit up for short periods of time, which was making me crazy because I absolutely hate laying in bed.  I hate that I can’t do anything while laying down, and am supposed to rest but just can’t seem to make my brain shut up so I can rest.  It’s a struggle. LOL  So, the staples are out and I don’t see the surgeon for a year when he will do a scope to make sure everything is working properly.  He did say that it could take a year for my bowels to “fully wake up” and be normal, and the pain I’m feeling where they reconnected the colon could be around for another month or two.  NOT what I wanted to hear, but I can deal with it.  I’ve come this far and for just three weeks post-op, I’m doing fairly well, minus the setback with dehydration and having to go to the ER.

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Alex is the New “Semicolon”

I haven’t written here in awhile, and it has been spotty at best for new blog posts. Honestly, after the defamation lawsuit it kind of took the fire out of me and the commenters.  Then I thought “well, maybe I have just outgrown my blog”, and upon reflection…nope, that’s not it either.  I guess I was thinking that I didn’t have much to say or no one would want to read what I have to say and then I reminded myself why I started blogging in the first place:  I LOVE TO WRITE.  I still send snail mail (Julie, I swear — your letter is almost done LOL) and I still journal in longhand.  I have notebooks lying around everywhere, and keep one in my purse.  I constantly write…everywhere except here and I need to change that.

This blog started out as a spin on the name “Prinnie” which came from a shortened version of Princess that my haters called me.  “Prinnie did it!!!” and then as I predicted, I would regret using the name, and here we are today – years later – and my little site still gets a gajillion hits for Steubenville stuff every day even though I’m not writing here.  So, I need to change that.  I am currently laid up so I am challenging myself to write (or try to write) something everyday; even if it is crap and no one wants to read it. 

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KYAnonymous Wrongly Accuses Man of Sex Crimes

For the past few years it has been very troublesome watching Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous act irresponsibly online when it came to various cases that he is involved with.  As most know, Deric Lostutter is the Anonymous member KyAnonymous, who initiated #OPROLLREDROLL and who initially posted the now infamous Michael Nodianos video, as well as posting an Anon warning video to students that if they did not apologize to Jane Doe he would post their private information as well as social security numbers.  Deric Lostutter was wrong for making those types of threats against teenagers who may have tweeted ugly things to the victim, and sadly – he is still acting like this years later.   Not only does he continue to use the Steubenville rape case as his claim to fame, but he also uses his raid by the FBI as a reason to seek donations from kind hearted people.  Deric claimed to have accumulated donations of over $75,000 in the last two years, and that does NOT include the $60,000+ which was raised by his legal defense team for potential legal funds.

Deric threatened and terrorized many innocent people during the Steubenville case and did so without remorse.  He posted false information knowing that it was false, and without care of who it harmed or what damage it may cause in the future.

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ARMED AND DANGEROUS – Katelyn Settle and Zachary Dickman

According to West Virginia State Police, 20 year old Zachary Thomas Dickman Facebook page and 14 year old Katelyn Settle from the Brush Fork area are considered armed and dangerous by troopers after they allegedly assaulted a juvenile at the victim’s home.  From comments on the WVNS Facebook page, Katelyn and Zachary are brother and sister.   While teens wanted for attempted murder is really not something that out of the ordinary, what I did find interesting was the guardian of Katelyn’s comments on Facebook.  When crimes like these happen many always rush to judgment and point a finger at bad parenting. I’ve been guilty of it – I think most of us have.

However in this instance. Katelyn’s father  immediately commented to the post and basically said that he did not raise his child that way and if she was found armed and officers were at risk, that they should take whatever means necessary to apprehend the pair.  Of course, others got on the thread and told him he was a shitty father because he spoke out and said his daughter was a bad person for being involved in the alleged shooting of his fiance’s son and leaving him for dead.  Bottom line, folks.  We can’t have it both ways.  We call out shitty parenting and make judgment from our keyboards and then others come along and want to pull at the scab by telling the father that he’s a bad parent for calling out his daughter for breaking the law.   Some were claiming that he wished her dead.  I didn’t read that in any of his comments, but he knows the reality of two armed kids going up against cops.   I say good on this parent for calling it like it is.  His child made a bad decision and now she must answer to the law for it. 

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The Twisted Life of Gypsy Rose Blancharde

A few weeks ago, a friend posted on my Facebook about a missing persons/murder case in her hometown of Springfield, MO.  The mother of a disabled girl was found stabbed to death in her bedroom, and the disabled daughter was gone – nowhere to be found, and her wheelchair was left behind.  A strange message was posted on the Facebook account that they shared.  That in itself caused me to give the ol side eye.  Gypsy Blancharde was allegedly in her late teens yet shared a Facebook account with her mother?  The message posted said “That bitch is dead” followed by an equally disturbing “I fucken SLASHED THAT FAT PIG AND RAPED HER SWEET INNOCENT DAUGHTER…HER SCREAM WAS SOOOO FUCKEN LOUD LOL.”

When friends of the Blanchardes couldn’t reach them by phone, they became worried that something was wrong.  It was then that a neighbor crawled into the house and not finding anything amiss, the police were called who entered the house to find Claudinnea “Dee Dee ” Blancharde face down in her bedroom and stabbed to death. 

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Meadow Bridge High School

I realize I haven’t really been blogging that much here, and most of it is because I’ve been busy and/or having massive writer’s block or…just don’t have it in me to be passionate about some of the crazy stuff going on in our world, but something was brought to my attention the other day on Facebook and I wanted to share this story for a few reasons.  One, because I really don’t talk much about my past and two because I am proud of my hometown and the drive and determination of what amounts to a little mountain town in the hills of Southern West Virginia.

In 2010, the population was 379.  It’s very small but very laid out geographically because it’s country.  And when I say country I mean one gas station and the nearest grocery store is almost an hours drive or more.  It’s rugged but beautiful, and it was home for most of my teen life.

My life there was rough, and we were very poor.  This pic is a current satellite view of the area.  We literally lived out in the hills.  Men worked in the coal mines and women mostly stayed home and cared for their families.  I don’t think I ever realized how poor I was until I grew up.  Back then we were thrilled when we got a brick of government cheese.  YEP!  I admit it.  I loved that stuff, and going to the Hardee’s in Rainelle or the Dairy Queen was a special treat.  It didn’t happen often so when we got to go we were appreciative.

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German Television does first Edward Snowden Interview

Apparently YouTube has been pulling the video and American mainstream media is not reporting on the interview.  With that in mind, I am sharing it because what the NSA was doing and probably continues to do affects all of us.

From Buzzfeed:

“In a world where I would not be restricted from killing an American, I personally would go and kill him myself,” a current NSA analyst told BuzzFeed. “A lot of people share this sentiment.”

“I thought it was funny”

Beckley, West Virginia police had been trying to identify the person who recorded a vicious fight and posted it to Facebook.  After identifying  him as Timothy Gibbs, local news WVNS spoke with him to ask why he would record the fight and not intervene.

” I mean, what do they expect me to do? I was just sitting there waiting on the bus, I seen the fight, I thought it was funny. There’s a lot of fight videos on Facebook, I don’t see why everybody is on my case now.”

Beckley, Bluefield
Anyone who stands by and watches someone get his head stomped into the pavement is an asshole.  So, there’s your answer Timothy Gibbs.  You are an asshole and a coward.

Battered Wife Needs Financial Assistance

10928823_1430854140558066_3300534256720408294_nA few months ago a woman contacted me on my Facebook page to reach out to me for help.  She is a victim of domestic violence and what broke my heart is the terror she felt for her pets.  She didn’t want to go into a shelter situation because she would not leave her pets behind.  Honestly, knowing how much I love my own pets – I could understand her desperation.  Given the choice what would you do when faced with shelter or the possibility of your pets being abused as well by leaving them behind?

I reached out to some resources for her and hoped for the best.  She created an exit plan and has recently filed for divorce.  After being granted a restraining order against her husband, she appeared in court today and the Judge ordered her out of the house by May 8th.  Again, she is in a situation of desperation because she has nowhere to go and will not leave her pets with her abuser.  She sent me this email and I wanted to post it with some photos and ask that you share her crowdfunding page so that she can obtain safe shelter with her pets.  She has three dogs and two cats.


I have been abused and terrorized by my husband of three years and common law husband of 14 years.

He abused me physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.  He terrorized my pets.  On Feb 26 he abandoned us with nothing.  I filed a protection order and now we are divorcing.

Today, despite an amazing abundance of evidence, the judge ordered ME out of the house with 3 dogs and 2 cats on May 8.

My attorney with 20 years experience AND the project safeguard advocates all said they have never seen such a ridiculous order.

I have no money, have only been doing day labor and now will be homeless.

I am Kate of Aurora CO.  This is a horrendous ruling beyond the imagination of anyone familiar with the legal system.

Any help will be forever grateful for.  Thank you and blessings.


You can assist her or share her page by clicking here.

Trial Rescheduled: Minor Witness Dies in Fire

This is such an incredibly sad story.  An 11-year old girl and her deaf grandparents died in a house fire in  Youngstown, Ohio.  It is being reported that the young girl was also deaf.  Around 3:30 this morning the neighbors heard a loud explosion followed by a second explosion.  One neighbor said the entire house was engulfed in flames from the bottom up after she heard the explosions.  The little girl was to appear as a witness in the trial against the man charged with raping her.

Robert Seman, Jr. age 46, had been charged with four felony counts each of rape and gross sexual imposition, according to  local news.  The victim’s mother contacted police in March, 2014 to report that her daughter told her Seman had been engaging in sexual conduct with her for several years.  The rape charges could put Seman away for life if found guilty.  He was to go on trial this morning, but due to the fire,  the trial has now been delayed.  Also of note, is that Seman was arrested and his bond was revoked this morning  just hours after the fire because he allegedly tried to bribe a potential witness in the case.

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