Deric Lostutter Did NOT Solve the Steubenville Rape Case

I have been hesitant to write too much about the lies being told by Deric Lostutter because I didn’t want to come off as spiteful, and to be honest was fearful of retaliation by Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous as he has vowed to destroy anyone who speaks the truth about him…even if it means he must lie to do so.  I feel that if I don’t speak out, then I become part of the problem.  Deric Lostutter is now legally targeting me and others by filing restraining orders for speaking the truth.  Make no mistake, Deric and the truth are strangers.   Deric is living in some sort of warped dream world where he believes himself to be a hero who “solved the Steubenville rape case” and “uncovered the rape case cover-up in Steubenville Ohio in 2012 resulting in the indictment of multiple school officials.”  This couldn’t be further from the … Continue reading →

We Need Your Help

After months of having to deal with Deric Lostutter’s harassment and his abuse of the North Carolina legal system to obtain restraining orders against us which were ultimately dismissed, he has filed a civil lawsuit against Michelle McKee, Thomas Olsen and myself seeking $180,000 and our pets in damages.  Yes…our beloved pets. We are in the process of retaining local counsel but need financial assistance with our legal fees.  Deric Lostutter has spent the last 4 years harassing and threatening people, and it is time that he is stopped…legally once and for all. Even if you can donate a dollar, with enough donations it will add up and help us finally put an end to Deric’s reign of terror.  If you can’t donate, could you please share this link with your family and friends on your social media accounts. Thank you. … Continue reading →

He Who Shall Not Be Gagged

Sidney and Tammy Moorer have spent a lot of time hurling insults  at the family and supporters of Heather Elvis, as well as publicly challenging and taunting the Horry County Solicitor, Jimmy Richardson.  One would assume that they would limit their public discussion of the case since there is a gag order in place, but that hasn’t been the case.  The Moorers claim that the state kidnapped them and illegally held them as hostages of the State.  In legal speak that would be arrested and they were held without bond, but tomato/tamato. Sidney seems to have issues to those who might be friends of the solicitor. It is a small town, so I would assume that many people know him.  There is nothing corrupt about that.  What is interesting from his post is pointing out that harassment has allegedly come from friends of the solicitor, however, the Moorer’s friends and … Continue reading →

Rhoden Family Murders


I have been following the Pike County, Ohio case because it is local and the “hillbilly” family dynamics is interesting.  I use the term hillbilly not as an insult but to describe the way of life.  I, myself, am a “hillbilly”.  I grew up in southern West Virginia and can relate to the small town atmosphere and cultural mores.  My life in rural Appalachia was rough.  I know poverty firsthand and what it means to be thankful for what you have.  When I see interviews with the locals from Pike County, I can relate to them.  I was one of them once.  You can take the girl out of the holler, but you can’t take the holler out of the girl. I grew up on Backus Mountain in Meadow Bridge, West Virginia; population less than 400.  We lived in a 5-room shanty called a Ginny Ann that had no running … Continue reading →

Moorer Pretrial & Morning Meltdowns

Moorer signs

  Yesterday was the pretrial hearing on Sidney Moorer’s kidnapping case to allow or disallow expert witness testimony on the vehicle seen on CCTV footage.  Ultimately, expert witnesses were allowed for both sides. This case is unique, in that the Defendants are bound by a gag order yet continue to publicly discuss the case on their personal Facebook pages, as well as making disparaging comments about Heather Elvis on many Facebook pages that were created for the sole purpose of harassing the Elvis family.  In fact, just last week Mrs. Moorer was using the victim’s photograph as her Facebook profile picture.  I can see no valid reason for doing this – other than to harass the family.  It’s wrong.  It’s uncalled for and does not help to strengthen the. Moorer’s claims of innocence.  They are charged with kidnapping Heather Elvis, and for an accused to literally taunt or harass the … Continue reading →

@MURTWITNESSONE Defaming the Dead

I’ve said it a million times that Murt is a scumbag, but today’s sock account created by him is absolutely disgusting, and there is no reason for him to attack someone who is dead.  The account @NoCruise4Me tweeted 4 times and then deleted.  Murt can kick and scream all he wants that he does not create sock accounts, but we all know he is lying and this particular account is just wrong.  My friend, Angel, died of cancer 3 years ago.  She suffered horribly in her end days.  Murt hated Angel.  Why is anyone’s guess, but he claimed that she was “hitting on” him.  At one time they were friends, and she caught on to his fraud and scamming like everyone else did back during the Caylee Anthony case.  When she turned on him, he became vicious. Today he made these tweets about a dead woman who is not here … Continue reading →

Law & Order Perceptions

I found this post on Facebook pertaining to the State of SC vs. Tammy and Sidney Moorer, and found it interesting. Innocent Until Proven Guilty March 26 at 11:31am · The state of SC has had the opportunity to clear the air. They charged a man and his wife of kidnapping and killing Heather Elvis. Yet they have not provided any direct evidence to support these claims. Even worse, they jailed this couple and hid their lack of evidence behind a gag order. Here we stand more than 2 years later and there are still more questions than answers. This couple has been tried publicly and the consensus is they are as guilty as sin, but we still do not have proof a crime occurred, much less that the Moorers are responsible. How can a government authority have this much power? Imagine you are arrested on false charges… The state … Continue reading →

“HALP! They Are Bullying Me!”

For nearly a decade, William Murtaugh and his associates have been a pain in my ass.  For years, I ignored “Murt” because I figured that he would get bored and go away, but cyberstalking is a compulsion, and Murt is unable to control his impulses. Nor are his friends able to do so.  You know what they say, “Birds of a feather, flock together”.  Rather than ignore me or the others who he claims are “cyberstalking” him, Murt likes to play the I’m a poor widowed, innocent, old truck driver routine.  He is FAR from innocent.  Murt is the classic TROLL.  When he isn’t getting any negative attention, he creates sock accounts to poke at people to get a response.  If you flick him on the end of his nose, and give him the attention he is craving, he screams BULLY!!! STALKER!!!  One might wonder why not just ignore the … Continue reading →

Feeling Homesick

I’m feeling homesick today.  More than usual.  I miss my desert home in Joshua Tree.  Coming back to Ohio was bittersweet and while it is always going to be my home…it isn’t “home”.  The desert was truly my happy place.  I lived in a 6-bedroom house in the middle of the desert.  It was 4 miles either way to get to a main hard road.  Sand for MILES and I loved it. It was so quiet.  I was so far out in the middle of nowhere that I didn’t hear traffic or city noises.  I spent a lot of time sitting out on the deck just enjoying nature.  *sigh*  There was no central heat in the house because it doesn’t stay cold in the desert for long.  At night, I would start a fire in the fireplace.  I miss it there…a lot. … Continue reading →

The FBI Put Equipment on His Computer

Years ago I had another true crime blog where I did a lot of blogging about the Caylee Anthony case.  What fascinated me about the case was not the factual basis of the case, but the people who were following it online.  There were A LOT of wingnuts who joined true crime forums to discuss their theories about what happened to Caylee Anthony. Some offered psychic visions of where they thought she was and some would make posts claiming that they had seen her in airports.  Reading some of their posts was both hilarious and frightening because they actually believed some of this stuff.  It was a lot to digest because these were grown men and women acting like this. One of the craziest things that I saw during that time was a group on Websleuths who were using food coloring and glue to put on paper and the paper … Continue reading →

Sociopaths Don’t Have Social Boundaries

Recently I wrote about the less than legal attempts to suppress public speech by misusing the domestic violence protection act as a weapon and I have learned that this blog is in the line of fire from a certain litigious ass monkey. Claims of “harassment and defamation” against myself and others have been levied under the guise of “stalking”, and in the same breath said litigious ass monkey has viciously libeled, defamed, humiliated, and tormented the family of Heather Elvis, in which her father was accused of unspeakable and UNFOUNDED acts.  Lest we forget the California woman who was viciously harassed, libeled and defamed by creating a website in her name to post untrue information about her, and making fun of her stillborn child. What I find most disturbing is that a local district court has issued ex parte orders against others and have done so based on the perjurious … Continue reading →