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Whee! An Update

I attended the TriBeCa Film Festival world premier of ROLL RED ROLL.  It was an amazing experience and the film is just…beyond words.  I feel like finally — someone got it!  The rape case itself was enough to be outraged about, but the bigger question of “why didn’t anyone do anything to help”? was explored masterfully. I also realized that more people need to stand up and say something when they see something that is…
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Roll Red Roll Film Teaser

The trailer has been uploaded and I can finally share it. So far, it has gotten a lot of buzz and they added an additional showing as the others sold out right away.  I am so excited to attend the TriBeCa Film Festival and be present for the premier.  This film has been a long time coming and is something I am very proud to have contributed to.  

#ROLLREDROLL Documentary World Premier

The film is finally complete and has earned a spotlight documentary position!!   Like many small towns across the country, Steubenville, nestled in a valley in eastern Ohio, lives and dies by its high school football team. So when a teenage girl was sexually assaulted at a pre-season football party in 2012, no one came forward with information. True-crime blogger Alex Goddard set out to uncover the truth, piecing together the details of the crime…
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The Truth Isn’t Always Pretty and Neither Is This Post

I have been very sick lately, so I apologize up front for this post being a bit stabby, but when you have dealt with the garbage that I have over the past 6 years for telling the truth, it’s hard not to be a bit bitchy when you reflect on the past.  What I have learned over the past 6 years is to keep your circle small and tight.  Even then you aren’t guaranteed not to…
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STILL Being Sued by Lostutter

Inmate Lostutter is still spending time in the prison law library pounding out his vexatious missives on a manual typewriter.  I have seven — SEVEN — motions to respond to.  Someone needs to find a hobby.  Don’t they have prison jobs that he could do?  Maybe sorting garbage or washing the dirty underoos of his fellow convicts?  It’s absolutely RIDICULOUS what he is doing…and that is using a US federal court as his forum for…
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Motion Denied

Well…the decision is in and “it ain’t good”.  The judge denied our Motion to Dismiss Deric Lostutter’s ridiculous federal lawsuit against us…which is also now just me as the lone standing defendant.  Thomas was dismissed because Lostutter had not perfected service upon him properly and in accordance to FRCP, and of course, Defendant Michelle McKee, was dismissed months ago when she engaged in Judas prudence by sharing highly confidential and privileged attorney/client communications and other information with…
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Nathaniel Richmond: Sins of the Father

Early this morning after allegedly drinking all night, Nathaniel Richmond, of Steubenville, Ohio laid in wait to carry out an assassination attempt of Common Pleas Judge Joseph Bruzzese. Richmond fired his weapon at the Judge, and Judge Bruzzese who was carrying a weapon fired back. A probation officer who was also nearby immediately assisted the Judge and fired at Richmond. Judge Bruzzese was wounded and is in an area hospital after having surgery for his…
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Weekly Derp Update

Deric Lostutter is enjoying his new typewriter at Club Fed.  Today he filed a Notice of Filing in the $1 million civil lawsuit against us alleging that some fanmail that he received was caused “intentional emotional duress” by this letter.  (insert crying emoticon here).  I could sit here for hours recounting all of the horrible things that Deric has done to people, or point out that he is sitting in prison for causing emotional duress…
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Deric & Jenny Lostutter: The Great Blue Waffle Saga of the Summer

NEVER a dull moment with this socially inept, bottom feeding prison incarcerate.  Apparently during his staycation at BOP’s federal resort in Virginia, Deric has located a typewriter as he filed MORE gibberish with the federal court that wasn’t submitted in his usual third grade scribbles.   Honestly, he should be more concerned with doing his time than filing this ridiculous garbage that he continues to send to the federal court in our case. Although, I…
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