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Bystanders & Blamers

When I first started writing about the Steubenville case, there was one thing that bothered me the absolute most.  It was not that law enforcement did a shoddy job — I never claimed that, and will never make that claim.  I know many of the officers at Steubenville PD and they are very fine and upstanding men.  What bothered me greatly was the number of bystanders (as evidenced by social media) who stood by and did nothing.  The complete and utter lack of empathy of anyone that night bothered me greatly.

To be quite clear, RAPE was mentioned on August 11th as it pertains to the events that unfolded that night.  No one but those using social media to discuss what happened that night put those words on their keyboards.  They tweeted about “rape“.    It was they who initially identified what happened that night as rape, and later the prosecutor’s office defined the happenings that night as “rape” when charges were filed against the two juveniles now awaiting trial.

Nodianos - song of the night is rape me tweetSince then there has also been a lot of blaming.  There is blame laid at the defense attorneys who represent the accused.  They are simply doing their jobs.  I had occasion to meet Mr. Madison – I thought he was very polite and cordial.  I met mothers of some Big Red students and have nothing but nice things to say about them and their children. Not all kids at Steubenville High School are bad because of an irresponsible, uncaring few.

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Bloggers & First Amendment Issues

Tonight on Behind the Yellow Tape the discussion will be the Steubenville case and litigation against anyone who made commentary on the case.  Join Joey Ortega tonight at 10PM EST on Behind the Yellow Tape.

Also, you are encouraged to call in to voice your opinion.  When you call in, Joey will not be referring to the digits of your phone number so that there is anonymity and protection of identities, just start talking.  If he responds to you – you are on the air!



Are You a Stalker?

I have been very hesitant to discuss this subject publicly because I am the victim of  online stalking.  I have felt as though if I talked about it, I would be seen as a crybaby and someone who was playing the victim card, so I just kept my mouth shut.  TRUST that I will not name the perpetrators here.  I have not uttered the names for years publicly and will not do so now.  I have made police reports but really…what does that do?  Law enforcement refuses to see that there is a problem online when the victims are adults.  Their solution is to turn off your computer and shut up.  But, it’s not as easy as just turning off your computer.  The information that is out there can be seen by anyone. Recently photoshopped emails allegedly sent by me were posted online, but anyone with half a braincell  can see right through this farce.  I do not write like an uneducated lackey.  I won’t point out the obvious from the this purported email, but any person who has followed my blogs and my writing style will see the mistakes.

You can call me a bitch and I am not offended.  Am I a bitch?  That is something that is subjective.  My interpretation of a bitch is different from yours.  I am very opinionated and if that makes me a bitch, then I wear the badge proudly.  At least I am not afraid to voice my concerns and opinions.  When I write about issues, I do not embellish the facts but offer black and white documentation to make my words stand for what they are: the freedom of expression and providing facts.  When I have posted something erroneous, I do make it known and correct my misinformation.  I am not a bad person and have developed many friendships – even with those who I bitterly disagreed with.  This is what normal people do.  They do not retaliate by posting the names and addresses of  their enemy.  They do not post the names of small children or dig to find the names of dead relatives and biological fathers of their foe’s children.  They do not telephone complete strangers in an effort to glean information to use to harass and intimidate them.  They do not post photos from their town pretending to be visiting there.  This is NOT normal behavior.  This IS stalking.

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#BOYCOTT Delusions

GREAT WORK CAYLEE WARRIORS! This is only the beginning! More is heading towards us… ready! BOYCOTT BACKLASH!!

  Can someone please explain to me how this band of knuckle draggers are going to take down a multi-million dollar enterprise with their Twitter nonsense? It hasn’t worked so far.   In fact, if they weren’t still harping on about Casey – no one would interview her.  Two words:  SUPPLY and DEMAND.  Boycotts are effective when they hit the pocketbooks of advertisers, but since none of these people ever seem to leave their computers – it doesn’t look like this is going to be very effective for them.  Boycotts also don’t involve harassing the media, those who support Casey Anthony or individuals who were seated on the jury.

@piersmorgan@PiersTonight You think your show will survive this?? You have no idea how powerful public is. #You are done@Thewendyfeldman

I’d say that his rating spiked tonight with all of them glued to their screens frothing at the mouth and frantically filling out nasty feedback forms. LOL

Piers Morgan:  #WINNING



Twitter TOS Violator & Harasser

Spike Lee, Film Director and Ass Clown

I have not said a lot about the Trayvon Martin case because quite frankly, the media is using their giant spoon to stir up a pot of frenzy with their very unbalanced reporting of this news item.  I am holding out for the FACTS based on EVIDENCE before forming a strong opinion one way or another.  However, I will point out the irresponsible and socially repugnant behavior of one Spike Lee.

Spike Lee has been very vocal regarding where he stands on this case, and had been tweeting heavily.  But on March 23rd, he got in over his head.  He let his rage take control of his rationale and decided to retweet the home address of what he ASSumed was George Zimmerman’s home address.

The original tweet was sent out by Marcus D. Higgins, @MACCAPONE a 33-year-old Los Angeles man. Lee was one of the people Higgins tweeted to get the word out on March 23 to let millions of viewers in on the big find — George Zimmerman’s home address!! *maybe*.

Higgins began the online version of the lynch mob by tweeting: “@SpikeLee EVERYBODY REPOST THIS George W. Zimmerman, [address removed], Sanford, Florida 32773,”  No one bothered to check if Zimmerman really lived there.  They were too concerned with getting some peeps over there to do who knows what when they found him.  As it turned out, George W. Zimmerman did not live there, but an elderly couple in their 70’s whose youngest son’s name is WILLIAM George Zimmerman.   David and Elaine McClain were forced to flee to a hotel to avoid the attention misdirected at their home and in fear for their safety due to the online terrorism aimed at their family because of what amounts to IGNORANCE.

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Freedom of Depravity

Yesterday one of the greatest voices of our time and a musical influence to many artists passed away.  Twitter was immediately flooded with the news of Whitney Houston‘s passing and the media clamored to post the details.  It’s what we expect and the media accommodates by trying to find the most salacious headlines.  If it bleeds…it leads. We live in a society that is titillated by the misery of others.

The cause of her death is still unknown, but reading through some of the comments on CNN and other media sites, I am again absolutely astounded at the lack of self control and the utter depravity of some who feel that because their identity is unknown, it is acceptable to post some of the most disparaging and downright disgusting comments that have been posted.  Has the internet given permission for people to behave like this?  Surely they do not say these things in front of their family and friends?  What about Whitney’s daughter who may see the comments?

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