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Bystanders & Blamers

When I first started writing about the Steubenville case, there was one thing that bothered me the absolute most. It was not that law enforcement did a shoddy job — I never claimed that, and will never make that claim. I know many of the officers at Steubenville PD and they are very fine and […]

Bloggers & First Amendment Issues

Tonight on Behind the Yellow Tape the discussion will be the Steubenville case and litigation against anyone who made commentary on the case. Join Joey Ortega tonight at 10PM EST on Behind the Yellow Tape.

Also, you are encouraged to call in to voice your opinion. When you call in, Joey will not be […]

Are You a Stalker?

I have been very hesitant to discuss this subject publicly because I am the victim of online stalking. I have felt as though if I talked about it, I would be seen as a crybaby and someone who was playing the victim card, so I just kept my mouth shut. TRUST that I will not […]

#BOYCOTT Delusions

GREAT WORK CAYLEE WARRIORS! This is only the beginning! More is heading towards us… ready! BOYCOTT BACKLASH!!

Can someone please explain to me how this band of knuckle draggers are going to take down a multi-million dollar enterprise with their Twitter nonsense? It hasn’t worked so far. In fact, if they weren’t still harping […]

Twitter TOS Violator & Harasser

Spike Lee, Film Director and Ass Clown

I have not said a lot about the Trayvon Martin case because quite frankly, the media is using their giant spoon to stir up a pot of frenzy with their very unbalanced reporting of this news item. I am holding out for the FACTS based on EVIDENCE […]


Freedom of Depravity

Yesterday one of the greatest voices of our time and a musical influence to many artists passed away. Twitter was immediately flooded with the news of Whitney Houston‘s passing and the media clamored to post the details. It’s what we expect and the media accommodates by trying to find the most salacious headlines. If it […]