Tammy Moorer Found GUILTY!

A South Carolina jury found Tammy Moorer GUILTY of kidnapping and conspiracy to kidnapping this afternoon.  I have to admit that I literally yelled out loud!  This is one defendant that I am happy to see carted off to the big house. Kidnapping is a Class A felony per South Carolina  and is therefore a “no parole” offense. Tammy Moorer is 46 now and will be in her 70s when she is released. The Elvis family did…
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Adults Threatening 12-Year Old Transgender Student

Today it was brought to my attention that residents in a small Oklahoma community are using their school district Facebook page to not only speak horribly about a child, but to issue threats to a 12-year old transgender student.  I would like to say that I am shocked, but honestly, NOTHING shocks me anymore. People are horrible and the only way to expose darkness is to shine a light on it.  So, here ya go:…
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