Letters to the Judge In Lostutter Case: Have You Sent Yours?

Convicted felon, Deric Lostutter‘s sentencing in his federal criminal case happens in two weeks from today – March 8 at 9AM EST.  Many have submitted letters, including his mother and “partner” Skye Casserotti who made false claims on Deric’s behalf.  I’m not surprised.  Nothing about Deric Lostutter or his family and friends shocks me anymore.   There are only 13 more days until the sentencing.  For those who want to mail a letter to the Judge on Deric’s case, PLEASE do so.  I understand that there are many who are terrified of retaliation.  I think all of us who have stood up to him have probably thought twice about doing so, but your voice is important.  I know that there are many out there who have been terrorized and victimized by Deric, and I know you are probably afraid to … Continue reading →

Latest Court Order

Judge Reeves has been receiving correspondence from third parties regarding Deric Lostutter’s upcoming sentencing hearing.  Some of the letters are expressing their desire that Judge Reeves give the maximum sentence, and others are from supporters of Deric asking that the Judge grant leniency.  From the Order: ORDERED that, during the upcoming sentencing proceeding, the parties, by counsel, are expected to summarize each and every letter, note and other item of correspondence submitted by any third party which they wish the Court to consider in connection with the sentence to be imposed. With espect to these materials, the government and the defendant are expected to identify any relationship with any such third party who has submitted information to the Court. Many of the letters supporting Deric make mention of his “helping a rape victim”.  These statements are erroneous as Deric did … Continue reading →

Lostutter Sentencing Hearing Info

Deric Lostutter has plead guilty to two felony charges and is facing a maximum ten year sentence.  He has admitted that he lied to the FBI and that he was involved in the hacking of the Steubenville High School football fansite for the purpose of gaining public notoriety for himself — NOT to help Jane Doe; not to bring attention to the crime, but to bring attention to himself, KYAnonymous.  His sentencing hearing is currently scheduled for March 8, 2017.  As part of his sentencing, the United States Parole Office prepares a pre-sentencing report which is given to the Honorable Judge Danny Reeves for consideration.  Per Lostutter’s Sentencing Agreement, there are certain timelines as it relates to the pre-sentencing report.  One of those is the date in which Probation Officer Mark George will submit his report to the Judge.  Over … Continue reading →

Deric Lostutter Reporting Facebook Posts

EVERYONE knows that Lostutter is using the internet.  Apparently, his PO does not or hasn’t been able to prove that he is.  This evening when I logged onto Facebook, I was forced to acknowledge a takedown notice from FB about a post that was reported and taken down from our defense fund page.  There is NO ONE who would benefit from having his bad behavior removed from the internet other than Deric Lostutter.  While Deric Lostutter awaits sentencing for conspiracy and lying to a federal agent, rather than spend time with his wife and newborn baby, he is spending his days scribbling his illegible psychosis and filing pleadings, subpoenas and discovery requests which have been deemed MOOT due to the pending ruling on a Motion to Dismiss the federal civil suit he filed against us.  There is not one thing … Continue reading →

Violating the Terms of Release Again

Today I received Lostutter’s federal complaint via deputy process server.  Not a problem.  We have filed a Motion to Dismiss in federal court to rule on the matter of lack of personal jurisdiction.  We are not compelled to answer the complaint until this  matter is resolved.  However, in the documents was this photograph with scribbled notes by Lostutter. Target?  How about Defendant? The other item of interest is regarding my employment.  I know for a FACT that Lostutter has been communicating with two degenerates who have not only reached out to complete strangers on the internet in the hopes that these individuals would third party harass for them, but they have also provided Lostutter with my employment information.  Furthermore, Lostutter has telephoned the Sheriff’s office regularly to determine whether I have been served or not.  There were other notes left … Continue reading →

Demand This: Get Bent

WARNING:  I am feeling stabby and rightfully so. Deric Lostutter filed a “Demand for Preservation of Electronically Stored Information” in our federal case yesterday.  I have taken the liberty of transcribing his second grade looking scribbles that he submits to the court.  He can’t even be bothered to go to WalMart and buy a $1 legal pad so the paper is lined.  There isn’t much to say about this “demand” other than it is RIDICULOUS and a fishing expedition to gain the names of others who he can harass.  Another interesting tidbit is where Mr. Lostutter is getting information from when he isn’t supposed to be communicating with anyone but his family and defense team. Right, Dave and Karen? Did you know your boyfriend is communicating with a convicted felon for the purpose of harassing me and in violation of … Continue reading →

Let Me Say it Sloooooowly…Deric Lostutter Did NOT Expose a Rape Case

It gets frustrating when journalists do not do research and copy and paste from other erroneous reports because they are only assisting in perpetuating the false narrative created by Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous.  He did not help solve a rape case.  Please, someone do some research and provide factual, judicially or law enforcement vetted statements or evidence that proves he helped solve the Steubenville rape case. *I’ll wait*  From the recent headlines regarding Lostutter’s guilty plea from RT.com.  Right off the bat, erroneous information is passed on to the reader: Hacker who helped expose Ohio rape case pleads guilty, faces more prison time than rapists A Kentucky man who, in 2012, hacked into an online account for followers of a Ohio high school’s football team to expose a gang rape of a teenage girl has pleaded guilty to charges associated … Continue reading →

And the Countdown Begins

Deric Lostutter had his re-arraignment hearing this morning in US District Court in Lexington.  He was placed under the same bond release restrictions as before – no internet, no telephone communication with anyone but his lawyers and about his case; no discussing his case. Judge Danny Reeves scheduled the sentencing hearing to take place on March 8.  The day that he is taken off the streets cannot come soon enough.  Even though he is under strict orders not to harass others or use the internet, he continues to do so.  He has been able to repeatedly avoid incarceration for violations of the conditions of his release for months.  It’s not for the lack of information pouring into the Office of the US Attorney.  I know many people who have reported him for violating the terms of his release and for … Continue reading →

Blowstutter Strikes Again

I swear I have other things to talk about, but if this booger eating LOLyer would stop filing crap with federal court I could move right along to other things of importance. Deric Lostutter filed MORE responsive pleadings yesterday.  I am using the term responsive pleading VERY loosely.  In fact, the Court sent Derp a letter advising him  You have the right to file a 20-page response in opposition to the defendant’s motion. Your failure to respond or, if appropriate, to file affidavits or evidence in rebuttal within the allowed time may cause the court to conclude that the defendant’s contentions are undisputed and/or that you no longer wish to pursue the matter. Therefore, unless you file a response in opposition to the defendant’s motion, it is likely your case will be dismissed or summary judgment granted in favor of the defendant. A response to a Motion to … Continue reading →

200 Pages of Handwritten Gibberish

Our attorney, Daniel Gibson, filed the motion to dismiss and brief in support of motion to dismiss and motion for a gatekeeper order.  We are asking the court to prevent Deric from filing further legal actions against us unless represented by an attorney and getting permission from the court, and Deric did not disappoint in his responsive pleadings.  If you can call them “responsive”.  What he submitted was 200 pages of handwritten gibberish, except for the typed affidavit that HE prepared for his wife, Jenny even though he is forbidden from accessing the internet or being on a computer as part of the terms of his federal release.  I am providing a link to the documents filed, minus the 150 pages of screenshots that Jenny captured for him.  [eyeroll] https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxljbqYfJiUkTTNpbUNEZHFYckU?usp=sharing   … Continue reading →