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#FRAUD Mac McQuown Grifts Again

Last year I wrote about Leonard “Mac” McQuown who was walking across America under the guise of raising money for homeless veterans.  He was met with scrutiny along every step of his journey because he had defrauded others in the name of our veterans before.  Well…a grifter’s gonna grift and I have been alerted that he is preparing for yet another “walk” in the name of veterans.  In 2011 McQuown allegedly founded a charitable organization called Operation Walk America.  McQuown used the “organization” as a ruse to solicit funds and convert them to personal use when no legally registered 501(c)(3) organization existed.  During the course of his “walk” and not so charitable fundraiser he defrauded many, including being at the center of romance scams along the way.

McQuown has NEVER shown proof that ANY veterans organization has received donations.  In fact, legitimate veterans’ organizations have stated publicly that he defrauded them out of money.  Ravens Outreach went public regarding McQuown’s  paypal donation.  McQuown was under pressure to prove that he was giving the money to veteran’s programs, and he posted screenshots of an alleged paypal donation to prove that he was giving the money to veterans’ programs, and then he rescinded the donation.

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Leonard Mac McQuown: A Walking Dishonorable Sham

Several months ago I was approached by a group of veterans who investigate and expose stolen valor.  If you aren’t aware of what stolen valor is – to define it simply is – it is an individual who embellishes his military career or military accomplishments.  For the past few years, this group has been trying to put a stop to a walk across America being done under the guise of assisting homeless veterans.  Well, actually the mission of the walk has apparently changed over the course of the last 3 years to accommodate and stave off the “haters”.  Haters is what McQuown and his “event coordinators” label anyone who speaks out against his alleged fraudulent activity.  Generally the “haters”  ends up being those kind folks who donated money to Mr. McQuown and later found out that they were duped and that not one dime of any donation received by him has been appropriated to any veterans issues;  nor has one dime been financially accounted for when donors have demanded proof of where the funds have gone or were spent.

This post is going to be lengthy so please bear with me but it is important to see all of the evidence and how the puzzle fits together with all of the evidence that is out there.  Mr. McQuown is a con-artist and his job is to defraud good people out of their money.

McQuown is a discharged US Marine.  He has claimed to have been given a bad conduct discharge and an other than honorable discharge for being absent without leave for over 200 days.  Most Marines will tell you that this length of time is considered desertion, but McQuown was never charged with desertion.  General consensus is that he was such a shit bird that the Marine Corps just got rid of him on an other than honorable discharge — which is still REALLY bad.  McQuown makes a big deal about how or why he wasn’t charged with desertion and that because he wasn’t charged he’s not a “deserter”   Tomato, tomato.  It’s semantics at this point, and even though he claims that he took his ID card with him and had planned on going back the bottom line is that he left his post unauthorized for over 200 days.  He bailed on his duties as a Marine and never looked back until he was forced to deal with it.

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We Didn't Know What Rape Was


Mark Cole II, 17, said the victim was leaving one house and was so intoxicated she could barely walk.

“She wasn’t capable of walking on her own and was stumbling as walking,” Cole said.

Cole said he shot a video of sexual conduct in his car between Mays and the victim as they were driving to Cole’s house. Cole said he later deleted the video from his phone.

He said, at his house, Mays attempted to get the victim to perform oral sex on Mays.

Cole said it “wasn’t his place to determine if there was a sexual assault. He said he didn’t believe it was necessary to call his mother, who wasn’t at home, another adult or the police.

Cole did say the victim wasn’t moving at his house when the sexual assault took place.

He said Richmond was lying beside her with his hands around her groin area but couldn’t tell if Richmond was sexually touching the victim. He said he didn’t intervene because he didn’t at any time see the conduct by the defendants as “forceful.”  Source:  Mark Law, Herald Star

While on the stand Mark Cole incriminated himself.  Filming or photographing a nude minor is the manufacture of child pornography under the state laws of Ohio and under federal law.  Yet he remains AT LARGE.   Mark Cole’s claims that it wasn’t his place to determine if there was a sexual assault are despicable.  Did his parents do that piss poor of a job raising him that he doesn’t know that a comatose female does not have the ability to consent and that DECENT men do not take advantage of females who are passed out?   Historically, men who have sex with women who are comatose are charged with RAPE.  Surely, someone who RECORDED VIDEO of what is legally considered child porn would KNOW that if someone cannot say NO — that means it is rape!  Right?  Would he let someone have sex with a female relative if they were incapacitated?  In his world, it’s not rape according to his skewed thought process?   The state said the video had been deleted, could not be retrieved and that because of that, Mark Cole was not facing charges even though he ADMITTED UNDER OATH that he recorded what amounts to child porn.  Hmmm, how’s that happen unless a deal has been offered?

EVAN WESTLAKE:  Poor Evan was also so scared and “stunned” about what was happening that he had to pause for a moment to post to social media, and upload a video on Youtube.  How about on his way to Mark Cole’s house?  Was he scared and stunned while his friend was videotaping sex acts involving the victim?  Didn’t he know then that this was wrong?  How stunned was he when he uploaded  video to his Youtube account in which Michael Nodianos gave a play by play of what was happening?  Was he also documenting this in case the victim forgot and needed to be reminded of what had happened to her?  These are guys that you want to leave your teenage daughters alone with, right?  These are guys that you should be applauding as they rush across the field, right?

Evan Westlake, 17, said he was at Cole’s house and was getting ready to leave when he saw the victim naked on her side. He said the victim wasn’t moving.

Westlake said Richmond was beside her and performing a sexual act and Mays was smacking his penis off her side.

When asked why he didn’t help, Westlake said, “I was stunned with what I saw. I wanted to get out of there. I didn’t know what to do.”

What did Evan Westlake do? He was SO STUNNED with what he saw that HE MADE A VIDEO and posted it on youtube featuring his good pal, Michael Nodianos aka Nodi yapping about a “dead girl”.   She was so incapacitated that they referred to her as “the dead body” or the dead girl.


He was so stunned that he took to Twitter to tell all of his pals how upset he was.  He and  Nodianos were obviously beside themselves with fear and confusion.  I bet they were shaking so hard they had to console each other because it was just so horrifying. They quickly got over their fear and confusion about what was happening and created youtube videos instead.


ANTHONY CRAIG:   Here’s another standup guy who took a picture of the incident in case the victim didn’t know what was happening, even though he tweeted to Trent Mays that “Chris Hanson” was his worst nightmare.  We all know who Chris Hanson is.  Did Anthony Craig think that Chris Hanson would understand that photos have to be taken of comatose victims – you know…just in case they don’t remember anything or was it because the videos involved an underage girl who was nude and being sexually assaulted?   Anthony Craig thought better of reminding the victim.  Instead, he deleted the evidence from his cellphone.  How come?  It was important to remind the rape victim what happened according to his testimony.    Did you have a change of heart, Anthony?

Anthony Craig, 18, said he could see the victim getting more drunk throughout the night.

“Just the way she handled herself and was walking and talking to people,” Craig said.

He said he went to Cole’s house where Cole showed him a video of what happened in Cole’s car.

Craig, who admitted to having a relationship with the victim, said he saw the victim naked in Cole’s basement. He said he saw Richmond laying beside her but couldn’t tell what Richmond was doing. He said Mays was smacking his penis off her side.

Craig said the victim was not responsive or participating.

Craig said he tried to tell Mays, his best friend, to stop it, and told him not to do anything he will regret.

Craig said Mays told him, “It is all right … don’t worry.”

When asked how it feels to testify against his friend, Craig said. “It kills me.”

Craig said he took a picture of the incident in case the victim didn’t know what was happening. He said he later deleted the picture from his cell phone.

Craig testified Mays sent him a naked picture of the victim the next day.

Just color me disgusted.  I’m ashamed to have to share my oxygen with SUPERSTARS like them.

Author note:  I have turned off comments to all Steubenville articles at this time but am leaving the posts up so that this crime does not go unforgotten! 


Punching for Jesus

I will probably offend a few people with this post, but if you believe this heap of horse doodie, I probably wouldn’t want to maintain a friendship with you to begin with.  Here goes.

Todd Bentley, a convicted criminal and   founded the revivalist organization Fresh Fire USA.  Bentley has come under fire because he “heals” people by kicking them in the face, stomach or punching them.  ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME? Yes, you read that correctly.  He HEALS by kicking people in the face.  I have heard a lot of insane religious stories, but this one is just over the top, and WHO in their right mind would subject themselves to this violence?  Obviously there are a lot of people who are since his ministry is flourishing.  It is all very disturbing to me.  He claims that he kicked a woman in the face with his biker boot and when his foot made contact with her nose, she “fell unto the power of God”.  No.  She probably saw stars from being boot kicked in the face. 

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Zanny the Alcohol Selling Nanny

I couldn’t WAIT to log in and write about this.  I’m GIDDY even!  It looks like poor victimized Zenaida Gonzalez was arrested Friday night at a store in Orlando after she sold a 4Loko beverage to an underage operative who was working for the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco.  I have had my issues with this whole civil suit from the beginning because it was Zenaida Gonzalez who came forward to identify herself as the one the finger was pointed at.  SHE brought herself into the limelight.  The basis of her lawsuit is that her reputation has been harmed and she was caused financial loss.  Uh…she had QUITE the reputation prior to her debut into the fustercluck that is the Anthony case, and her financial loss?  She was one motel room from being homeless.  Let’s just say you can put lipstick on a pig…and you know the rest.

Zanny the Clerk gets popped for illegally selling liquor to an underage person and lo and behold, the lunatic fringe is already harping conspiracy theory.

MY money is on a SET-UP. The timing is SO telling. She is supposed to go to court next week so casey’s SCHEME TEAM ATTURDIES just HAD to do something to make ZFG look bad.

Oh casey….I can’t WAIT til you & your scamdamily leave the US. I hope you are ALL imprisoned in another country and you can NEVER get out.

Know this….one day…..justice will be served to you and your scamdamily. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but ONE DAY! So enjoy your scams while you can. NO ONE leaves this world without paying for ALL they have done.

I just wish ONE PERSON in that scamming, lying family would grow a PAIR and tell the WHOLE TRUTH.

Anyone else LYING in court the way sindy did would have paid a fine and gone to jail. Not sure WHY all the judges seem to be protecting this family, but it will all come out one day…and they too will get theirs!

I need not say another word. LMAO

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If You Can't Beat 'Em – Resort to Telling LIES: @blaiss

One thing that is CONSISTENT with the Caylee’s Warriors boycott movement is that they have absolutely NO qualms whatsoever to publish outright lies to further their agenda.  This afternoon I learned that I am now a “paid troll” of Jose Baez.  Really?  Please provide proof of this blatant lie.  Of course, she won’t, as well as the other crapola that she has claimed from her super secret squirrel inside source.  One word:  sycophant.  The mouthpiece of the boycott movement has diarrhea of the keyboard and is an outright liar and FRAUD who compels her followers to take part in their hate campaign directed at anyone who speaks out against them.

Blaiss has been harassing HLN all morning (all year) on Twitter, and sent a tweet to them basically asking them to use her as a source for their news program and that her super secret source has told her that Casey Anthony is profiting from unreported income.  Here’s the deal.  Unless this woman has access to the private financial information of any of the parties involved, she is making BASELESS, inflammatory allegations.  When asked for proof she flips out in her all caps word vomit.  Blaiss, please seek help.  This woman is obviously unstable and unwilling to see beyond her own hatred that there is life after the Casey Anthony trial and that others find her to be socially repugnant and unhinged.



Fraudulent Boycott Activity

I just finished reading Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story by Jose Baez and found it to be VERY interesting and insightful.  It answered so many questions regarding his defense strategy and I have the utmost respect for him as a defense attorney.  He pulled off what was thought to be a slam-dunk case for the State.  His book has also made the New York Times Best Sellers list. It is getting great reviews…unless you are one of those people who are still butthurt over the verdict and can’t seem to understand the term “beyond a reasonable doubt“.

For the last four years this case has brought out the ugliest behavior in people.  These are people who believe every word that Nancy Grace feeds them and are too afraid to think for themselves or look at subject matter minus their emotions.  Their abnormal love and devotion for Caylee Anthony is bizarre.   The best way I can describe their behavior is “groupthink”.  They feed off of each others’ rage.  The socially stunted self-proclaimed warriors and boycotters have taken EVERY opportunity to be a pimple on the ass of the internet by harassing anyone who doesn’t believe that Casey Anthony should be hung in the public square.  From their asinine and uneducated cries for federal charges to be

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Twitter TOS Violator & Harasser

Spike Lee, Film Director and Ass Clown

I have not said a lot about the Trayvon Martin case because quite frankly, the media is using their giant spoon to stir up a pot of frenzy with their very unbalanced reporting of this news item.  I am holding out for the FACTS based on EVIDENCE before forming a strong opinion one way or another.  However, I will point out the irresponsible and socially repugnant behavior of one Spike Lee.

Spike Lee has been very vocal regarding where he stands on this case, and had been tweeting heavily.  But on March 23rd, he got in over his head.  He let his rage take control of his rationale and decided to retweet the home address of what he ASSumed was George Zimmerman’s home address.

The original tweet was sent out by Marcus D. Higgins, @MACCAPONE a 33-year-old Los Angeles man. Lee was one of the people Higgins tweeted to get the word out on March 23 to let millions of viewers in on the big find — George Zimmerman’s home address!! *maybe*.

Higgins began the online version of the lynch mob by tweeting: “@SpikeLee EVERYBODY REPOST THIS George W. Zimmerman, [address removed], Sanford, Florida 32773,”  No one bothered to check if Zimmerman really lived there.  They were too concerned with getting some peeps over there to do who knows what when they found him.  As it turned out, George W. Zimmerman did not live there, but an elderly couple in their 70’s whose youngest son’s name is WILLIAM George Zimmerman.   David and Elaine McClain were forced to flee to a hotel to avoid the attention misdirected at their home and in fear for their safety due to the online terrorism aimed at their family because of what amounts to IGNORANCE.

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Kill Trees 4 Caylee

Yep…I’m going to write about this case again.  LOL  THIS…someone please explain what is the purpose of this? This tree is located at the dump site.  Same place all the moldy toys are tossed for a child who will never have the benefit of playing with them.  Is she really going to benefit from this kind of bucolic behavior?  *face plant*


Baptismal Damnation

Let me just start off by saying I fully stand by anyone’s right to worship in whatever way they see fit.  Whatever floats your boat — if you think that you are going to die and get your own planet or have eternal life — good on ya.  I respect the religious beliefs of others, and would hope that my  beliefs are also respected.  However, I do have a problem with people who are pointing out why others aren’t going to heaven and behaving like complete morons.  The hypocrisy that goes hand in hand with some “Christians” is astounding, and once again, I am going to use the Caylee Anthony case as an example.  It is these fine Christians who love the baby Jesus and pray for the souls of the lost  while damning her to hell for…wait for it…getting baptized.  Hypocrisy at its FINEST!

First of all, if this is something that Casey is entertaining – then who are these CHRISTIANS to speak ill of her? Is it not their duty to bring sinners to the “light”?  Doesn’t Jesus love EVERYONE, including Casey Anthony?  Or are they cherry picking doctrine that will suit them because they hate Casey’s guts so much? I don’t want to argue scripture, but I am really repulsed by those who are claiming to be all up in Jesus’ good graces and yet they sure aren’t making good examples of what a Christian is supposed to be.

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