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We Didn't Know What Rape Was


Mark Cole II, 17, said the victim was leaving one house and was so intoxicated she could barely walk.

“She wasn’t capable of walking on her own and was stumbling as walking,” Cole said.

Cole said he shot a video of sexual conduct in his car between Mays and the victim as they […]

Spitting On Our Judicial System

If you are not a native American, then someone in your family has traveled from far away to make their new life in the United States of America. Many families have relatives who came through Ellis Island which welcomed millions of newly arrived immigrants in the 60-years that it was open. In fact, it has […]

Fraudulent Boycott Activity

I just finished reading Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story by Jose Baez and found it to be VERY interesting and insightful. It answered so many questions regarding his defense strategy and I have the utmost respect for him as a defense attorney. He pulled off what was thought to be a slam-dunk case […]

No Criminal Charges for Rotten Apples

This REALLY saddens me. Local news from Greece, NY is reporting that the four boys will NOT face criminal charges. WHY NOT? This was obviously not their first rodeo with bullying ans the bus monitor says that they have harassed her before. Others from the school have accused the boys of being bullies. My thoughts […]

Your Kids SUCK!!

When I was young, we rode the bus to and from school every morning and every afternoon. It always got a little wild when we had a substitute driver for our usual driver, Mr. Royster. He didn’t put up with a lot of BS on his bus and wasn’t afraid to stop the bus and […]

#BOYCOTT Delusions

GREAT WORK CAYLEE WARRIORS! This is only the beginning! More is heading towards us… ready! BOYCOTT BACKLASH!!

Can someone please explain to me how this band of knuckle draggers are going to take down a multi-million dollar enterprise with their Twitter nonsense? It hasn’t worked so far. In fact, if they weren’t still harping […]

She'll Take Care of Them…RIGHT!

Terry Thompson was hellbent on getting the exotic animals back that her were spared from the slaughter that came as a result of her dead husband’s completely irresponsible actions of releasing all of the exotic animals that he had hoarded collected as bartered items from gun trades. She fought the State of Ohio to demand […]

Exotic Animals Returned to Owner

The Columbus Zoo returned 5 exotic animals to their owner, Marian Thompson today. The Columbus Zoo had been caring for the animals since they were removed from the Thompson farm in Zanesville on Oct. 19, 2011 a day after owner, Terry Thompson released 59 other animals and committed suicide. Fearing for the public’s safety, authorities […]

"Screw Your Daughter Straight"?

On April 27, WMMS radio personality Dominic Dieter, who hosts the morning show, “Rover’s Morning Glory” reportedly received an email from a parent asking for advice who caught his teenage daughter kissing another girl. In response, Deiter instructed the father,

“You should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight.”

It is unfathomable […]

It's Valentine's Day! YAY!

I have nothing else to offer tonight. Happy VD!