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We Didn't Know What Rape Was


Mark Cole II, 17, said the victim was leaving one house and was so intoxicated she could barely walk.

“She wasn’t capable of walking on her own and was stumbling as walking,” Cole said.

Cole said he shot a video of sexual conduct in his car between Mays and the victim as they were driving to Cole’s house. Cole said he later deleted the video from his phone.

He said, at his house, Mays attempted to get the victim to perform oral sex on Mays.

Cole said it “wasn’t his place to determine if there was a sexual assault. He said he didn’t believe it was necessary to call his mother, who wasn’t at home, another adult or the police.

Cole did say the victim wasn’t moving at his house when the sexual assault took place.

He said Richmond was lying beside her with his hands around her groin area but couldn’t tell if Richmond was sexually touching the victim. He said he didn’t intervene because he didn’t at any time see the conduct by the defendants as “forceful.”  Source:  Mark Law, Herald Star

While on the stand Mark Cole incriminated himself.  Filming or photographing a nude minor is the manufacture of child pornography under the state laws of Ohio and under federal law.  Yet he remains AT LARGE.   Mark Cole’s claims that it wasn’t his place to determine if there was a sexual assault are despicable.  Did his parents do that piss poor of a job raising him that he doesn’t know that a comatose female does not have the ability to consent and that DECENT men do not take advantage of females who are passed out?   Historically, men who have sex with women who are comatose are charged with RAPE.  Surely, someone who RECORDED VIDEO of what is legally considered child porn would KNOW that if someone cannot say NO — that means it is rape!  Right?  Would he let someone have sex with a female relative if they were incapacitated?  In his world, it’s not rape according to his skewed thought process?   The state said the video had been deleted, could not be retrieved and that because of that, Mark Cole was not facing charges even though he ADMITTED UNDER OATH that he recorded what amounts to child porn.  Hmmm, how’s that happen unless a deal has been offered?

EVAN WESTLAKE:  Poor Evan was also so scared and “stunned” about what was happening that he had to pause for a moment to post to social media, and upload a video on Youtube.  How about on his way to Mark Cole’s house?  Was he scared and stunned while his friend was videotaping sex acts involving the victim?  Didn’t he know then that this was wrong?  How stunned was he when he uploaded  video to his Youtube account in which Michael Nodianos gave a play by play of what was happening?  Was he also documenting this in case the victim forgot and needed to be reminded of what had happened to her?  These are guys that you want to leave your teenage daughters alone with, right?  These are guys that you should be applauding as they rush across the field, right?

Evan Westlake, 17, said he was at Cole’s house and was getting ready to leave when he saw the victim naked on her side. He said the victim wasn’t moving.

Westlake said Richmond was beside her and performing a sexual act and Mays was smacking his penis off her side.

When asked why he didn’t help, Westlake said, “I was stunned with what I saw. I wanted to get out of there. I didn’t know what to do.”

What did Evan Westlake do? He was SO STUNNED with what he saw that HE MADE A VIDEO and posted it on youtube featuring his good pal, Michael Nodianos aka Nodi yapping about a “dead girl”.   She was so incapacitated that they referred to her as “the dead body” or the dead girl.


He was so stunned that he took to Twitter to tell all of his pals how upset he was.  He and  Nodianos were obviously beside themselves with fear and confusion.  I bet they were shaking so hard they had to console each other because it was just so horrifying. They quickly got over their fear and confusion about what was happening and created youtube videos instead.


ANTHONY CRAIG:   Here’s another standup guy who took a picture of the incident in case the victim didn’t know what was happening, even though he tweeted to Trent Mays that “Chris Hanson” was his worst nightmare.  We all know who Chris Hanson is.  Did Anthony Craig think that Chris Hanson would understand that photos have to be taken of comatose victims – you know…just in case they don’t remember anything or was it because the videos involved an underage girl who was nude and being sexually assaulted?   Anthony Craig thought better of reminding the victim.  Instead, he deleted the evidence from his cellphone.  How come?  It was important to remind the rape victim what happened according to his testimony.    Did you have a change of heart, Anthony?

Anthony Craig, 18, said he could see the victim getting more drunk throughout the night.

“Just the way she handled herself and was walking and talking to people,” Craig said.

He said he went to Cole’s house where Cole showed him a video of what happened in Cole’s car.

Craig, who admitted to having a relationship with the victim, said he saw the victim naked in Cole’s basement. He said he saw Richmond laying beside her but couldn’t tell what Richmond was doing. He said Mays was smacking his penis off her side.

Craig said the victim was not responsive or participating.

Craig said he tried to tell Mays, his best friend, to stop it, and told him not to do anything he will regret.

Craig said Mays told him, “It is all right … don’t worry.”

When asked how it feels to testify against his friend, Craig said. “It kills me.”

Craig said he took a picture of the incident in case the victim didn’t know what was happening. He said he later deleted the picture from his cell phone.

Craig testified Mays sent him a naked picture of the victim the next day.

Just color me disgusted.  I’m ashamed to have to share my oxygen with SUPERSTARS like them.

Author note:  I have turned off comments to all Steubenville articles at this time but am leaving the posts up so that this crime does not go unforgotten! 


Spitting On Our Judicial System

If you are not a native American, then someone in your family has traveled from far away to make their new life in the United States of America.  Many families have relatives who came through  Ellis Island which welcomed millions of newly arrived immigrants in the 60-years that it was open.  In fact, it has been estimated that close to 40 percent of all current U.S. citizens can trace at least one of their ancestors to Ellis Island.  Millions of immigrants packed up what few belongings they had to give their families a better life and to live in a nation free of religious oppression and a FAIR judicial system.  Immigrants from all over the world have left behind lives of religious and legal oppression, coming to the US with very little in their pockets for the chance to live in a nation where they do not have to fear cruel and unusual punishment for wishing to practice religion the  way they want to, or to have freedom of speech.

Burqa, via Director of National Intelligence.What I find most disturbing about the Caylee’s Warriors aka Caylee’s Angels is the fact that they are so quick to spit in the face of the millions who have risked it all just to get here.  Filled with their hatred of the system, they dishonor all of those who have given up their lives to attain freedom and those who risk their lives to protect it.   These individuals are a disgrace.  We have one of the best judicial systems in the world, and while it is not perfect, it is as darn close as you can get.  If they hate it so much – there is a third world country that they could relocate to that might be better suited to their hang ’em high mentality.


Fraudulent Boycott Activity

I just finished reading Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story by Jose Baez and found it to be VERY interesting and insightful.  It answered so many questions regarding his defense strategy and I have the utmost respect for him as a defense attorney.  He pulled off what was thought to be a slam-dunk case for the State.  His book has also made the New York Times Best Sellers list. It is getting great reviews…unless you are one of those people who are still butthurt over the verdict and can’t seem to understand the term “beyond a reasonable doubt“.

For the last four years this case has brought out the ugliest behavior in people.  These are people who believe every word that Nancy Grace feeds them and are too afraid to think for themselves or look at subject matter minus their emotions.  Their abnormal love and devotion for Caylee Anthony is bizarre.   The best way I can describe their behavior is “groupthink”.  They feed off of each others’ rage.  The socially stunted self-proclaimed warriors and boycotters have taken EVERY opportunity to be a pimple on the ass of the internet by harassing anyone who doesn’t believe that Casey Anthony should be hung in the public square.  From their asinine and uneducated cries for federal charges to be

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No Criminal Charges for Rotten Apples

This REALLY saddens me.  Local news from Greece, NY is reporting that the four boys will NOT face criminal charges.  WHY NOT?  This was obviously not their first rodeo with bullying ans the bus monitor says that they have harassed her before.  Others from the school have accused the boys of being bullies.  My thoughts are: When is the proper time to say enough is enough and show these children that this behavior simply will not be tolerated?  Should the system wait until they have left a wake of emotionally abused peers and elderly behind them?  Or wait until one of their bullied victims commits suicide because of their abuse?  Is being passive really the right thing to do in this situation?  And where are the rest of the parents?  Why aren’t they speaking out about their children? 

Father of one of the spawn, Robert Helm, reached out to Karen yesterday evening and apologized for his son’s behavior:

“I’m sorry. This is not the way I raised my kids. I never would have in my wildest dreams think that they were capable of anything like this,” Helm said.

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Your Kids SUCK!!

When I was young, we rode the bus to and from school every morning and every afternoon.  It always got a little wild when we had a substitute driver for our usual driver, Mr. Royster.  He didn’t put up with a lot of BS on his bus and wasn’t afraid to stop the bus and not move until everyone had settled down. However, we weren’t so bad as to have this happen often, and for the most part everyone on the bus respected Mr. Royster, as well as all of our  elders.  Disrespecting teachers, aunts, uncles or our elders was simply NOT tolerated in our home and you only backtalked one time before you were taught a lesson.  I’m not sure what has happened as a society that parents are not teaching their children basic manners and RESPECT.  They are not parenting their children.  This thought that you need to be your child’s BFF is not successful.  People’s children just don’t care – and they have complete and total disregard for the feelings of others; children and adult alike.  The apple does not fall far from the tree in most cases. 

The four heathens from Greece, NY are a prime example of parental failure.  Bus monitor, Karen Klein, has been a bus driver and monitor with the Greece Central Schools for over 20 years and was bullied to tears in a video that one of the little shits posted on Youtube and it went viral.  Bet they weren’t expecting to get so popular because of their assholish deeds. 

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#BOYCOTT Delusions

GREAT WORK CAYLEE WARRIORS! This is only the beginning! More is heading towards us… ready! BOYCOTT BACKLASH!!

  Can someone please explain to me how this band of knuckle draggers are going to take down a multi-million dollar enterprise with their Twitter nonsense? It hasn’t worked so far.   In fact, if they weren’t still harping on about Casey – no one would interview her.  Two words:  SUPPLY and DEMAND.  Boycotts are effective when they hit the pocketbooks of advertisers, but since none of these people ever seem to leave their computers – it doesn’t look like this is going to be very effective for them.  Boycotts also don’t involve harassing the media, those who support Casey Anthony or individuals who were seated on the jury.

@piersmorgan@PiersTonight You think your show will survive this?? You have no idea how powerful public is. #You are done@Thewendyfeldman

I’d say that his rating spiked tonight with all of them glued to their screens frothing at the mouth and frantically filling out nasty feedback forms. LOL

Piers Morgan:  #WINNING



She'll Take Care of Them…RIGHT!

Terry Thompson was hellbent on getting the exotic animals back that her were spared from the slaughter that came as a result of her dead husband’s completely irresponsible actions of releasing all of the exotic animals that he had hoarded collected as bartered items from gun trades.  She fought the State of Ohio to demand the return of 5 animals and made claims that she loved these animals dearly and wanted them back.  Terry is back in the news, and this is how much she DEARLY LOVED these animals:

THORNVILLE, Ohio – Fairfield County officials said on Monday that they believed two lionesses that were brought to a Thornville home came from Terry Thompson’s Zanesville exotic animal farm.

Owner John Moore recently moved two 150-pound lionesses onto his rented property, located on Queen Road near Buckeye Lake, 10TV’s Jason Frazer reported.

Moore previously worked as a caretaker at the Zanesville exotic animal farm, where owner Terry Thompson released more than 50 exotic animals before killing himself in October.

Yep…that’s what you do to animals that you love so much.  You give them away so some hillbilly can build a cage on his back porch for them to live in.  Terry Thompson, YOU are an irresponsible animal owner.



Exotic Animals Returned to Owner

The Columbus Zoo returned 5 exotic animals to their owner, Marian Thompson today.  The Columbus Zoo had been caring for the animals since they were removed from the Thompson farm in Zanesville on Oct. 19, 2011 a day after owner, Terry Thompson released 59 other animals and committed suicide.  Fearing for the public’s safety, authorities gunned down 48 of the animals.

When the animals were removed from the farm, they were found to be living in deplorable conditions.  Some of the monkeys were thought to be carrying a herpes virus.  Thompson traded guns for the exotic animals, and all but some of the monkeys lived outside in open air cages as the photo depicts.  Please, someone tell me HOW these conditions are any better than what the zoo provided, and where was Marian Thompson while the animals were living in filth on HER property?  Why were they not adequately cared for at that time?  I have very little faith that these animals are going to be properly cared for, and when it becomes known I hope authorities come down on her like a hammer!



"Screw Your Daughter Straight"?

On April 27, WMMS radio personality Dominic Dieter, who hosts the morning show, “Rover’s Morning Glory”  reportedly received an email from a parent asking for advice who caught his teenage daughter kissing another girl.  In response, Deiter instructed the father,

“You should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight.”

It is unfathomable to me that someone would even suggest corrective rape.  From Wikipedia:

Corrective rape is the use of rape against women who violate social norms regarding human sexuality and gender roles, often lesbians but sometimes gay men,[4] with a goal of punishment of abnormal behavior and reinforcement of societal norms.[5] The crime was first identified in South Africa[6] where it is sometimes supervised by members of the woman’s family or local community,[1] and is a major contributor to HIV infection in South African lesbians.[5] Corrective rape has also been known to occur in Thailand, Ecuador, Canada, the United States, and Zimbabwe.[7][8] Corrective rape and the accompanying violence can result in physical and psychological trauma, mutilation, HIV infection, unwanted pregnancy, and may contribute to suicide.[2][5]

There is not much more I can say that is not filled with emotional diatribe.  This man made a very irresponsible comment.  While he has issued an apology, the harm has been done.  There is a petition that was started.  Feel free to sign it.


It's Valentine's Day! YAY!

I have nothing else to offer tonight.  Happy VD!