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She Had 7 Children: Three of them are DEAD

Seven years ago I had written about a child murder case in Steubenville, Ohio. The father of the baby, Fred Roman, bashed his son’s head against a wall because he was crying. Today, the mother of that child is in jail on a charge of child endangerment, and her son is dead. COVERED in bruises […]

Rest Easy, Leelah Alcorn

THIS breaks my heart. Simply rips it from my chest and causes me to have soul crushing pain for this child. After years of abuse and rejection from strict Christian parents, Leelah who was a transgender teen commited suicide by stepping in front of a moving tractor trailer this weekend. Leelah Alcorn, also known as […]

Steubenville, Ohio: Planet Earth’s Epicenter of Rape Culture

Yesterday I wrote about Ma’lik Richmond’s upcoming court hearing to determine whether his Tier II sex offender status would be revised. I also posted screenshots from his Twitter account where he was referring to women as “thots” which is a derogatory term for whore or slut. Based on his comments, it is my opinion that […]

Deborah Still Reaches for the Sky

Since being outed Deborah Still aka Jordan_Renee91 has pulled the “I was h4x0r3d” excuse and continues to dig her hole a little deeper on Twitter. I am going to update this post and continue to post screenshots of all the Shrew Crew on the forum because it is important for people to realize that the […]

Steubenville PSA – SHHHHH! Play Ball!

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Planned Protests for Steubenville

I wanted to get a post up about any potential protests that might take place at the Steubenville High School football game this coming Friday or after.

Tempers are high because Steubenville City Schools and Steubenville High School has allowed Ma’lik Richmond back on the team. Coach Reno Saccoccia says that he deserves a second […]

Who's to Blame?


Lay the blame where it belongs – with those who stood by and did NOTHING. Blame those who refused to cooperate with law enforcement and blame the parents who raised children without a moral compass, empathy or compassion.

Bystanders & Blamers

When I first started writing about the Steubenville case, there was one thing that bothered me the absolute most. It was not that law enforcement did a shoddy job — I never claimed that, and will never make that claim. I know many of the officers at Steubenville PD and they are very fine and […]

Emilliano Terry, Age 3

I find it very disheartening that many missing non-Caucasian children oftentimes never cross our television screens. Sadly, for a missing child to attract widespread publicity and to improve the odds of the child being found, it is better if the child is white, wealthy, cute and under the age of 12. In 2005, Scripps […]

Hello Cleveland!!

The blog was down for the better part of the day due to some server issues, but hopefully those have been resolved. Nope, I didn’t shut down. I’m here for the duration. I write about a lot of cases, and my focus has always been for the victims. I don’t always have heartwarming things to […]