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Covington Catholic: “It’s not rape if you enjoy it”

I’m just going to put this right here. The video is the same group of Covington Catholic High School kids. This time showing girls from the girls school, and not one of them said a word about this comment “It’s not rape if you enjoy it”. This is disgusting and these kids are not innocent as their parents’ PR firm is trying to paint them. They showed their true selves when the surrounded and taunted…
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Covington Catholic, Check Your Privilege

Within the past 48-hours of the video of the boys from Covington Catholic going viral, I am not at all surprised by the parents and their community buckling down and making excuses of #fakenews and claiming that “MSM manipulation of actual events and an outright misrepresentation of what occurred this time jeopardizing the future of good kids.” I guess I shouldn’t expect that parents of kids who publicly humiliate themselves, their families and their communities…
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