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When Steubenville Rapists Go Free

What has changed? Not really anything.

Steubenville Justice Defined?

Last week the State of Ohio dropped charges against former Steubenville schools superintendent, Mike McVey. The basis of the agreement was that McVey would resign from his job, agree never to work for Steubenville schools again and avoid contact with those who were party to the case or his former co-workers. While McVey was accused […]

Charges Dropped Against McVey, Former Steubenville Superintendent

It was announced today that the court accepted a plea from Mike McVey. McVey agreed to resign from the Steubenville City School system and tendered his resignation this morning. The school board accepted it this evening after a special executive session. The agreement states McVey will not seek any employment with city schools, nor have […]

Subpoenas Issued in Steubenville Superintendent Case



STEVE WESTLAKE, father of Evan Westlake who was granted immunity in rape case DORIS LOCASCIO, AMY CARDUCCI, Wells Academy teacher GREG AGRESTA, BARRY GULLEN, Asst. Superintendent at Steubenville City Schools LISA BRUZZESE, […]

Trent Mays & the Lunatics of Steubenville

Trent Mays was released from juvenile detention yesterday and apparently cried in court. Boo hoo. I am having a hard time mustering up sympathy for him. He is out of his “prison”…Jane Doe is forever bound by the actions of he and his friends. She doesn’t get “do overs”, and there is no part of […]

Steubenville Documentary

I spent a bit of time on the phone today with a documentary filmmaker who is doing a film on Steubenville, and among the things that we talked about is how or how hasn’t Steubenville changed in the past two years. He has done some traveling for this project and told me that he hears […]

State of Ohio Says Belardine Violated Probation

Former Steubenville High School assistant coach, Matt Belardine, arrested for clash with Ferguson protesters.

Hate to say it, but who didn’t see this one coming? I suppose the answer is obviously EVERYONE but Matt Belardine – otherwise he wouldn’t have gone off to Arizona sans probation officer approval, or gotten shit faced and assaulted protesters while being filmed. Looks like social media got Belardine once again. When are these […]

Steubenville Matt Belardine: ” rapes whores like you”

If it’s not bad enough that Matt Belardine is still on court supervision and was arrested this weekend for fighting with Ferguson protesters, it gets really ugly when his victim comes forth to allege that not only did he punch her several times, but he also told her where he is from “we rape whores […]

Former Steubenville Assistant Coach Arrested

Former Steubenville High School assistant coach, Matt Belardine, arrested for harassing Ferguson protesters.

Steubenville is back in the news…again. From the post-game brawl between Steubenville High School and Beechcroft to the recent arrest of former assistant coach Matt Belardine, the Steubs can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight.

This weekend, Matt Belardine, was […]

Virtus: Documentary Short on Steubenville

I wish there were a way I could embed the video itself, but there isn’t. Someone brought this to my attention last night on Twitter. In 12 minutes it really sums up why everyone is mad at Steubenville. The opportunity was there for them to change the way the world views them, but instead of […]