Prinnie Boo Boo?

I have to admit that I LOVE a good trainwreck.  I don’t watch a lot of reality TV because it bores me.  I still watch Big Brother after 14 seasons, and feel obligated to follow it each year just because I have done so for so long.  The other night a friend told me about Honey Boo Boo.  I am NOT a fan of Todders & Tiaras, and think that most of those children need some good ol’ fashioned discipline and the mothers need extensive psychotherapy.  Apparently Honey Boo Boo was featured on the show (oops I missed it) and has become an internet sensation – she has even trended on Twitter #honeybooboo.  So…I went off to search for Honey Boo Boo. WHY!! WHY!! WHY did I do this? LMAO  I watched all the episodes!  I couldn’t stop myself!  This … Continue reading →

Craigslist Connection?

Deanna Ballman was found last week in her car, and an autopsy revealed her death to be by undetermined causes.  A Columbus doctor has been interviewed and items taken from his home, but the mystery surrounding Deanna’s death has yet to be solved.  I am still on the fence with regards to what happened, and do not want to be one who is pointing accusatory fingers at anyone until all of the facts are in. A Grove City, Ohio model Gabrielle Roush has come forward regarding a run in that she had with the doctor.  She states that she answered an ad on Craigslist for a modeling gig that was to pay $300.  When she got there with her father in law, he was asked to leave and said resident wanted to paint human organs on Gabrielle’s stomach area.  In all … Continue reading →

Tard Warriors & the Fifth

I haven’t slept yet because I’ve been up all night doing homework.  I am bettering myself, unlike others who are sitting on their fat rears, tormenting people on the interwebz and screeching about a dead baby that they don’t know…didn’t know…Caylee would have HAULED ASS if she got within 5″ of them because children have a natural booger eater detection sensor, and those who are e-loving and using their keyboards to be “WARRIORS FER CAYLEE”.  Really?   Be truthful, water heads.  Call yourselves Idiots for Caylee.  Or Shiteaters for Justice. NOTHING they are doing is of ANY benefit to anyone…period. I’m VERY disturbed that the Florida news networks felt compelled to not only release the full names of the 12 jurors AND the alternates, but they also provided their employer’s information AND how many children they have.  PLEASE explain to … Continue reading →

Pull My Finger

This just in!! BOMBSHELL TONIGHT!! Nancy stated on Dancing with the Tards that her children were “smiling so big’.  Well, why wouldn’t they? Apparently, Nancy’s children are high on fart fumes. She has horrible gas. LMAO Did you see the video?  Again, she is claiming this did not happen yet there is PROOF!!!   She ALLEGEDLY pharted (and thank you, Michelle, you are so right it looks more feminine when I spell it PHarted instead F for fecal farted).    Girls don’t FART.   We phart.  I am posting the VIDEO NASTY of her FART pas.  *snort* She rips a big one and doesn’t even blink while doing so – like this is just normal for her to do in front of national television. *FRRRRRRRPPPPPPP*  Watch her partner – he immediately HOLDS HIS BREATH!!! The judges freak out and look at … Continue reading →

Big Brother & Snot Nose

I have been really sick lately, thus the lack of blogging lately, but I haven’t missed an episode of Big Brother while I have been ill. I must admit that I literally GAG when Rachel aka snot nose and Brendan the Man Baby start sucking face or how Man Baby roots her on during competitions. OMG TARD doesn’t even begin to describe their behavior. When man baby went home last night I laughed! Poor snot nose might get shivved in the house this week. LOL