Sentinal Commenters Chastised

Any person with a normal sense of self and some social control would begin to ask themselves if they weren’t in fact the booger eaters others think they are when the Orlando Sentinel makes comment on their vicious and over the top online behavior.  But not the Caylee Warriors, Justice for Caylee Superhero League or the various other internet e-baby loving individuals with a cross to bear. Here’s what John Cutter, online editor for the…
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This will be short and sweet, but I wanted to post this.  The FBI has defined individuals used by the media as: Individuals utilized by the media to comment on serial murder cases include both experts and pseudoexperts. Experts are identified as academicians, researchers, retired law enforcement officials, mental health professionals, and retired law enforcement profilers who have developed specific knowledge and experience in serial murder investigations. Pseudoexperts are self-proclaimed profilers and others who profess…
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Implied Credibility = CRAP!

I realize that I at times have some colorful descriptions of the people and activity that I see on the interwebz, and am surely called a few choice names myself, but the lack of intelligence by some in the true crime community is mind boggling!  After giving it much thought lately – people are just outright dumb asses.  I honestly believe that the internet is becoming a gathering place for mentally unhinged and socially stunted…
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Jesus Saves…At the Bronco's Game

If Christians believe that Jesus supposedly helps Tebow with his game, wouldn’t it be more Christian-like for Jesus to use his time to help abused children, the hungry, the disabled, the homeless, the downtrodden? Why help a guy that makes millions when the weak are the ones who need it? Just sayin. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQ6vat1DIRI]

Outright Child Abuse

Judge William Adams has issued a statement about why he beat the crap out of his daughter with a belt, and says it’s not as bad as it looks.  I beg to differ.  That beating was nothing more than child abuse and it WAS a vicious beating, and while the daughter, Hillary says that her mother was forced or brainwashed into assisting him, I’m not buying it.  She TOLD on her daughter.  Any abused woman…
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Remembering 9-11

I think that we all have a story about where we were on that fateful day.  It is a moment in our lifetime that we will probably never forget.  I know exactly where I was, and what I was doing that morning.  I worked for a small law firm at the time, and recall on my drive into the office listening to Howard Stern and how the show quickly went from hysterical to confusing and…
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