Consulting Services

I do consulting work for both the public and private sector.  Social media can provide a wealth of information when investigating claims or impeaching witness testimony. The American Bar Association has  published Formal Opinion 466 which states in short that litigators may use social media to profile potential jurors as long as the information is publicly accessible. I have done juror profiles during voir dire, monitoring of jurors during trial, and social media research of witnesses to provide counsel with additional information prior to trial.


I also provide social media monitoring services to parents as well as providing a safety risk assessment of online content of their teens.  Many parents do not know how to maneuver social media for investigative purposes, nor are they aware of how to keep a watchful eye on their teens via their social media. Nine out of ten 13- to 17-year-olds in this country have used social media. Social networking has clearly become an integral part of teenage life. More than eight in 10 teens (83%) have ever visited a social networking site; 75% currently have a profile on a site, half (51%) of all teens check their social networking sites daily, and one in three (34%) visit their site more than twice a day. 

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