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  • Missing: SHADDAI MCCLEOD (FL): SHADDAI MCCLEOD, Age Now: 14, Missing: 03/24/2015. Missing From FORT LAUDERDALE...
    about 13 hours ago
  • RT @WEWS: Police say there was a delay in the mother reporting the baby missing. #AmberAlert WATCH:
    about 18 hours ago
  • RT @mch7576: “@martinofcompany: Indiana put up new welcome signs today”
    about 18 hours ago
  • RT @HomefrontHugs: I have been packing and buying items to make the Easter comfort package with the few donations that came in but need you…
    about 18 hours ago
  • RT @cnnbrk: Prosecutor: Documents found indicate #Germanwings co-pilot "kept his illness secret from his employer"
    about 18 hours ago

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