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Covington Catholic, Check Your Privilege

Within the past 48-hours of the video of the boys from Covington Catholic going viral, I am not at all surprised by the parents and their community buckling down and making excuses of #fakenews and claiming that “MSM manipulation of actual events and an outright misrepresentation of what occurred this time jeopardizing the future of good kids.” I guess I shouldn’t expect that parents of kids who publicly humiliate themselves, their families and their communities…
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Arrest in Jayme Closs Case

Jayme Closs was missing for 88 days when she was able to escape her captor and run for help. Jayme was secreted away in a home in Gordon, Wisconsin by 21-year old Jake Patterson. Law enforcement has stated that Patterson was never a person of interest in the murder of Jayme’s parents, and has no criminal background. This guy was totally off the radar and was holding Jayme 70-miles away from her home in Barron,…
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ARRESTS In Rhoden Family Massacre Pike County, Ohio

YES! I can’t believe it but the Wagners have been arrested. BREAKING: 4 members of the Wagner family have been arrested in connection with the Rhoden family murder in Pike County in 2016. Here's what we know now >> Geplaatst door FOX19 op Dinsdag 13 november 2018 This is what is known so far: Four members of the Wagner family were taken into custody Tuesday afternoon and are charged with planning and carrying out…
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Tammy Moorer Found GUILTY!

A South Carolina jury found Tammy Moorer GUILTY of kidnapping and conspiracy to kidnapping this afternoon.  I have to admit that I literally yelled out loud!  This is one defendant that I am happy to see carted off to the big house. Kidnapping is a Class A felony per South Carolina  and is therefore a “no parole” offense. Tammy Moorer is 46 now and will be in her 70s when she is released. The Elvis family did…
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Tammy Moorer Trial

There is a reason that defendant’s shouldn’t take the stand, and Tammy Moorer has proven precisely why it doesn’t happen often.  I’ve watched a lot of trials and while I am no expert, as a layperson who has had the misfortune of dealing with Mrs. Tammy Moorer and her ilk, she behaved herself exactly the same way that she has behaved over the past few years that I have observed her. She was sarcastic, defiant,…
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Moorer Family Violates Sequestration Order – Judge Denies Their Testimony for Defense

Yep…you read the title correctly. The Moorer family who were set to testify on behalf of defendant, Tammy Moorer, as the defense brings their case, has been denied from testifying on behalf of Tammy. Allegedly, they were all using electronic devices to live stream the trial in the sequestration room.  UNBELIEVABLE!  The Judge has suppressed the testimony of all three of Tammy’s children and her mother for viewing the live stream while sequestered.  You have…
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Tammy Moorer Gets Her “Day in Court”

FINALLY! After years of harassing and abusing the family of Heather Elvis and their supporters, Tammy Moorer will have her day in court.  Tammy and Sidney Moorer are facing conspiracy to kidnap and kidnapping charges in the case of Heather Elvis who has been missing since December 18, 2013.  According to the State of South Carolina, the Moorers were the last two people to hear from Heather Elvis. The jury consists of 7 men and 5 women….
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Adults Threatening 12-Year Old Transgender Student

Today it was brought to my attention that residents in a small Oklahoma community are using their school district Facebook page to not only speak horribly about a child, but to issue threats to a 12-year old transgender student.  I would like to say that I am shocked, but honestly, NOTHING shocks me anymore. People are horrible and the only way to expose darkness is to shine a light on it.  So, here ya go:…
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Whee! An Update

I attended the TriBeCa Film Festival world premier of ROLL RED ROLL.  It was an amazing experience and the film is just…beyond words.  I feel like finally — someone got it!  The rape case itself was enough to be outraged about, but the bigger question of “why didn’t anyone do anything to help”? was explored masterfully. I also realized that more people need to stand up and say something when they see something that is…
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Roll Red Roll Film Teaser

The trailer has been uploaded and I can finally share it. So far, it has gotten a lot of buzz and they added an additional showing as the others sold out right away.  I am so excited to attend the TriBeCa Film Festival and be present for the premier.  This film has been a long time coming and is something I am very proud to have contributed to.