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Goodbye Summer


 It’s hard to believe that summer is almost a memory, but I am thrilled that autumn is its way!  It is my favorite season, and I love going out to snap pics of the leaves changing colors.  There are lots of great photo opportunities around me.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to head down south next month and get some really good shots of “down home”.  Autumn there is especially lovely.  The downside is old man…
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Dr. Phil Part I


 I watched it today.  I am not ashamed to admit i – unlike the shrieking shrews who have spat their vitriol on a million different Facebook pages since the announcement was made. I know damn well that the majority of them were watching the show…just like everyone else.  I’m sure if I take a little jaunt over to FB I can find groups where they are all crying about the show, and woe is me…they…
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Hey You…Booger Eater


  …and still there is an endless supply of them online.  I took a gander on Twitter today – specifically the tweets about Caylee Anthony and tomorrow’s episode of Dr. Phil and can say with much expertise that those who continue to participate in the Pariah Pilgrimage are mentally ill.  None of them realize that every time they type something with their shit stained fingers about that little girl’s family that they dishonor her.  Nor do…
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Remembering 9-11


 I think that we all have a story about where we were on that fateful day.  It is a moment in our lifetime that we will probably never forget.  I know exactly where I was, and what I was doing that morning.  I worked for a small law firm at the time, and recall on my drive into the office listening to Howard Stern and how the show quickly went from hysterical to confusing and…
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On the Backs of Dead Babies


 It disgusts me that the tards4Caylee are pissing themselves with glee that Jeff a$hton is writing a book and how they are all preordering it, but the people who KNOW and LOVE Caylee get shit talked when they sold photos of her and G-d forbid they write a book!!!  Can’t have it both ways, ya bunch of uneducated booger eaters.

Caw Caw!!


 The latest cawing from the tards4caylee is: BOYCOTT DR PHIL ** BOYCOTT DR PHIL ** BOYCOTT DR PHIL REALLY?  GMAFB.  Don’t these dipshits realize that THEY are the reason the media is still seeking Casey out for interviews?  Surely these people can’t be THAT darn stupid.  Never mind.  I have realized over the past few years that the internet is swimming with socially retarded idiots.  The people that are still engaging in this BS can…
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 Today is a great day for the West Memphis Three! They are FINALLY being releases from prison after being wrongly incarcerated for 18-years. This is another case that has bothered me for years and just another example of why public outrage and media frenzy should NOT be allowed to dictate the legal process. These boys have been robbed of 18-years of their lives they will never get back and all because the public crucified them…
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Sick and Tired


 Literally.  I’ve been really sick lately.  So sick that I have spent way too much time in bed and unable to do more than take the dogs out.  I am pretty sure it has to do with the new meds that I am on, but the pain from this second spinal fusion surgery is agonizing and much worse than what I dealt with after the first surgery.  I’m really pissed that my previous surgeon released…
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