Caw Caw!!

The latest cawing from the tards4caylee is: BOYCOTT DR PHIL ** BOYCOTT DR PHIL ** BOYCOTT DR PHIL REALLY?  GMAFB.  Don’t these dipshits realize that THEY are the reason the media is still seeking Casey out for interviews?  Surely these people can’t be THAT darn stupid.  Never mind.  I have realized over the past few years that the internet is swimming with socially retarded idiots.  The people that are still engaging in this BS can be quickly stereotyped. … Continue reading →


Today is a great day for the West Memphis Three! They are FINALLY being releases from prison after being wrongly incarcerated for 18-years. This is another case that has bothered me for years and just another example of why public outrage and media frenzy should NOT be allowed to dictate the legal process. These boys have been robbed of 18-years of their lives they will never get back and all because the public crucified them before the legal system could do its job. The prosecutors in this case, wronged these boys and fueled by public outrage, destroyed the lives of innocent people and families. Sound familiar? Public outrage should never be a reason for prosecution. The facts of a case form the basis for a guilty verdict and those facts were not present in this case. I am thankful that … Continue reading →

Sick and Tired

Literally.  I’ve been really sick lately.  So sick that I have spent way too much time in bed and unable to do more than take the dogs out.  I am pretty sure it has to do with the new meds that I am on, but the pain from this second spinal fusion surgery is agonizing and much worse than what I dealt with after the first surgery.  I’m really pissed that my previous surgeon released me when I was not fused.  He told me that I was fused, but in reality there was nothing there.  Screws and rods and nerves being impinged with absolutely no fusion and a missing screw.  Where it is – no one seems to know.  LOL  So, I walked around for three years in so much pain because I wasn’t fused properly.  This time the pain is … Continue reading →

Frenzied Wackjobs

As expected, the Tards4Caylee are shitting their pants in a cyber-frenzy showing how much they e-love Caylee, sweet Baby Jesus Precious Caylee who they idolize and have claimed as their own. Why? What in the world is behaving in this way doing to help other children? Someone, please explain it to me. Have I just missed the boat? The Facebook group for the many mommies of Caylee has been reopened. (blech, I want to puke just typing that – it’s ABNORMAL and these women have real mental issues). It pains me to think that they are abusing and neglecting their own children while they pretend to e-adopt a dead child that given the opportunity would instinctively RUN FROM THESE CRAZIES if she were alive. All you have to do is take a look at some of their pictures. They are … Continue reading →

Just Choke Yourself

It looks like one of the Tards 4 Caylee groups has dried up and gone bye-bye.  I assume that their families have put all of the hand-wringing haus fraus in mental institutions where they belong.  There’s a straggler though.  Abbey Love Smith a “warrior for Caylee” thinks that Caylee was abused.  Hardly.  Are these booger eaters reading the same news as I am? WE LOVE CAYLEE AND SHE WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN! THIS CHILD DESERVED TO BE LOVED NOT ABUSED AND DISCARDED THE WAY SHE WAS! ILL NEVER FIGURE IT OUT WHY BUT IDE WOULD HAVE SAVED HER IF I COULD!!!! SHES A PERFECT LITTLE BRAVE ANGEL! FOREVER SHE LIVES IN OUR HEARTS!!!! WE GIVE HER LIFE BY BEING PROACTIVE FOR HER!!! SHE IS LOVED MORE THEN EVER BY THOUSANDS AROUND THE WORLD!! WE ARE GIVING HER LIFE BACK BY … Continue reading →

Big Brother & Snot Nose

I have been really sick lately, thus the lack of blogging lately, but I haven’t missed an episode of Big Brother while I have been ill. I must admit that I literally GAG when Rachel aka snot nose and Brendan the Man Baby start sucking face or how Man Baby roots her on during competitions. OMG TARD doesn’t even begin to describe their behavior. When man baby went home last night I laughed! Poor snot nose might get shivved in the house this week. LOL


ENOUGH already!!  It has been weeks since the verdict was rendered in the Anthony case, and the Booger Eaters of America club is still losing their shit and bombarding the universe with their bucolic Facebook groups and environmentally unsound events.  Like Loriann Martin-Azbell (Raven Wolf) who wants to kill some wildlife for Caylee. Come jion us! – This is so easy – You don’t have to tag your balloon unless you want to.Everyone will know your balloon is for this precious little darling,Caylee – Just go buy a cheap helium balloon at your local store.It doesn’t even have to be a special color,but if you wish pink or purple that would be great – Go outside and launch it up to Heaven for Caylee. … Continue reading →

Jesus H. Polley!

I cannot take credit for finding this lovely.  Nope.  PQ from the BH forum found her and I have experienced much laughter from viewing this ponytailed train wreck!   These people give crazy a whole new meaning!  I watched their videos and “Speaker Polley’s” singing is to die for (literally…dogs for miles around were dropping like flies LOL). I decided to take a peek at their website so that I can truly appreciate Speaker Polley’s message (she really calls herself Speaker Polley).  This is  what schizophrenia looks like.  Speaker Polley fancies herself an artist, and I’m no art connoisseur nor art expert, but the object called “The Orb Of Enlightenment” seen here  certainly looks like something that requires batteries.   Lemons and oranges are fighting with the square people here. Who are these people?  Gerald Polley is running for President – yes, … Continue reading →

Motel Children

Here we are weeks after the verdict and the mouth breathers are still going on about how unfair the verdict was and are demanding JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE blah blah blah. The court system is not in place to provide justice. In all of these weeks that they have been bellowing, they could be using this energy to help living, needy children. There is a little known problem in our country and when I think about how these people could make a positive impact, I am further convinced that squawking is all they will ever do. They don’t really want to help children. We are in our worst financial time since the Depression. There are thousands of families who have lost their homes and are either homeless or living in motels. This isn’t a new phenomenon. There have been “motel kids” … Continue reading →