Rachel – U SUCK!

I have a confession.  I love Big Brother.  I don’t watch a lot of television, and usually I loathe reality TV, but I love Big Brother and have watched it for the 13 seasons it has been on CBS. Each year there is a houseguest that people love to hate, and Rachel gets my vote for House Bitch BB13.  OMG!  She is such a whining, conniving BITCH!  She must have a vag lined with gold because there are few redeeming qualities about her.  Brendan is PW BIG TIME and ya know what…he makes me ill, too.  LOL  What a goober. I can’t believe I have watched this show for 13 years!  LOL  I’m counting down the days for Firecrotch to be evicted. … Continue reading →

Rotten Brats & Tiaras

I was flipping through channels tonight and landed at “Toddlers & Tiaras“.  OH MUH GAWD!  I was ready to crawl through the screen and punch these mothers in the face!!  These little girls are insufferable, little snots!  There was NOTHING cute about any of this crap.  Three year olds were telling adults to SHUT UP and slapping them.  The men sackless morons of the house weren’t much to admire either.  Most of these girls’ fathers have no clue how much money their wives spend on these pageants, and don’t have the balls to stand up to them to place spending limits on them. These pageants are CREEPY and the mothers are exploiting their children.  I wonder if they aren’t living out their own dreams by forcing them to be pageant kids.  All I can think of every time I see these … Continue reading →

Pedophile Gets Custody

WHAT is going on in Florida?  Seriously!  Florida people, cover your eyes and don’t read — but you are living in the sphincter hole of the universe!  While everyone is squawking about “where’s Casey” – how about they start paying attention to some of the CRAP that is happening in their state?  It is high time for people to stop worrying about her and what is happening with the LIVING children in their state. Miranda Wilkerson is almost 4-years old and has just been ripped from her home and placed into the arms of a waiting violent sex offender.  She wasn’t abducted.  The court system willingly handed her over to the man that is listed on her birth certificate.  Miranda’s mother ,  Trista Crews Coleman, was killed in a car wreck one month after Miranda was born. “She’s been with me … Continue reading →

Strange Days

It must be my “ass rods”! LOL some of the strangest things happen to me and at time, some of the strangest people glom to me. The only thing I can attribute it to is the titanium tard magnets. This time it happens in the form of the mother of a missing/runaway child. I don’t want to say too much about the specifics because the case is open and there is a chance that “mom” may bail with child, but let’s just say that she seems to have some pretty hardcore issues. I don’t know how she found us, but she did. Everything happens for a reason, and there is surely a reason that this family entered my universe. I will give full details when I can. It’s late, and I should try to sleep. Going to be very busy … Continue reading →

Onward and Upward

There comes a time when you can only regurgitate SO much and it is time to let the facts speak for themselves.  That is the place that I am at.  I have written about what happened to me, and it is time to walk away and let these people be eaten alive by their own hate.  I, on the other hand, have a life to live and to that end…onward and upward. Life is too short to be involved in this mess.  I am going to LIVE it! … Continue reading →