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Big Brother & Snot Nose

I have been really sick lately, thus the lack of blogging lately, but I haven’t missed an episode of Big Brother while I have been ill. I must admit that I literally GAG when Rachel aka snot nose and Brendan the Man Baby start sucking face or how Man Baby roots her on during competitions. OMG TARD doesn’t even begin to describe their behavior. When man baby went home last night I laughed! Poor snot…
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Rachel – U SUCK!

I have a confession.  I love Big Brother.  I don’t watch a lot of television, and usually I loathe reality TV, but I love Big Brother and have watched it for the 13 seasons it has been on CBS. Each year there is a houseguest that people love to hate, and Rachel gets my vote for House Bitch BB13.  OMG!  She is such a whining, conniving BITCH!  She must have a vag lined with gold…
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