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Cold Case: Bill Comeans

Cold cases tear at my heart strings but when they involve the unsolved murders of children, they are even more upsetting.   Bill Comeans was 5 days from turning 15-years old when he was murdered in Columbus, Ohio.   He was a student at Westland High School in Galloway, Ohio.  I attended this high school and Bill grew up in my neighborhood.  Everyone who knew him had nothing but glowing comments about him.  He was a  thoughtful, loving kid with a giant heart.  He had a paper route that he got so he could use his earnings to buy a piano.  Every year he played Santa Claus for the neighbor boy.  It brought him great joy to spread kindness to others, but someone wanted to harm Bill.  That is what is so unbelievable about this case.  Bill had no enemies that anyone knew of.  He was well liked by everyone.

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