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Ran Out of Gas Mom

I hate to jump to conclusions, but when children go missing it is almost impossible anymore NOT to.  The child missing from Bellevue, Washington is no different and my eyebrows are raised, and my eyes are rolling in the back of my head.  Something STINKS in Bellevue!! Julia Biryukova, mother of the missing 4-year old said she left her son, Sky, in an unattended car for an hour while she went for gas.  The car…
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Tard Warriors & the Fifth

I haven’t slept yet because I’ve been up all night doing homework.  I am bettering myself, unlike others who are sitting on their fat rears, tormenting people on the interwebz and screeching about a dead baby that they don’t know…didn’t know…Caylee would have HAULED ASS if she got within 5″ of them because children have a natural booger eater detection sensor, and those who are e-loving and using their keyboards to be “WARRIORS FER CAYLEE”. …
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