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Er’body is Getting SUED!

Well…it had to happen. There should be a handbook for privileged shit parenting because the Covington Catholic High School parents just took a page out of it. *le sigh* Rather than owning the behavior of their kids, which was DISRESPECTFUL, the threat of defamation suits are being tossed around as well as “criminal charges” for federal child abuse. WUT? What does that even mean? Instead of using this as a teaching moment about showing respect…
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Covington Catholic, Check Your Privilege

Within the past 48-hours of the video of the boys from Covington Catholic going viral, I am not at all surprised by the parents and their community buckling down and making excuses of #fakenews and claiming that “MSM manipulation of actual events and an outright misrepresentation of what occurred this time jeopardizing the future of good kids.” I guess I shouldn’t expect that parents of kids who publicly humiliate themselves, their families and their communities…
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