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Less Than Honorable Behavior

There has been a lot of activity coming out of Steubenville lately from illegal gambling raids to the Bill of Particulars being released in the State’s case against school administrators regarding the alleged cover up to protect Steubenville high school athletes accused of rape. Last week the Bill of Particulars was filed with the court […]

Cultural Apathy

Last week members of the Steubenville Police Department along with agents from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation executed the search warrants on 8 locations throughout Jefferson County in what was reported to be raids resulting from an illegal gambling investigation initiated by Steubenville Police and Ohio BCI. An estimated $1.5 million was […]

We Didn't Know What Rape Was


Mark Cole II, 17, said the victim was leaving one house and was so intoxicated she could barely walk.

“She wasn’t capable of walking on her own and was stumbling as walking,” Cole said.

Cole said he shot a video of sexual conduct in his car between Mays and the victim as they […]

Dogs are Better than People

It’s true. The longer I am alive, the more I realize that pets are so much more loyal than people. They will never dishonor you or be dishonest, and they don’t expect anything back from you but food, shelter and your love. People are hurtful and think first of themselves. I have seen enough these […]

Piece of S**t Dad

I’m not sure what to say…YouTuber vegasnutzz’s 3-year-old daughter asked him why some of her Barbies were white while the others were black. “Jokingly,” [insert eyeroll here] he says, “all little girls turn black on their 4th birthday”. His daughter’s birthday was a week away. A tearful fallout ensued. I’m not sure what is more […]

Moves Like Jagger and Nips Like…

Man, I love this song!!! LOVE IT! Everytime I hear it I just wanna dance my fanny all over the house and sing – moves like Jagga’ yeah! Dancin’ and a floppin’ my big booooooooooobies all over the living room – and not on national television!!!…which brings me to my next subject. Good ol’ Nancy […]

Caw Caw!!

The latest cawing from the tards4caylee is:


REALLY? GMAFB. Don’t these dipshits realize that THEY are the reason the media is still seeking Casey out for interviews? Surely these people can’t be THAT darn stupid. Never mind. I have realized over the past few […]

Frenzied Wackjobs

As expected, the Tards4Caylee are shitting their pants in a cyber-frenzy showing how much they e-love Caylee, sweet Baby Jesus Precious Caylee who they idolize and have claimed as their own. Why? What in the world is behaving in this way doing to help other children? Someone, please explain it to me. Have I just […]

Just Choke Yourself

It looks like one of the Tards 4 Caylee groups has dried up and gone bye-bye. I assume that their families have put all of the hand-wringing haus fraus in mental institutions where they belong. There’s a straggler though. Abbey Love Smith a “warrior for Caylee” thinks that Caylee was abused. Hardly. Are these booger […]

Rotten Brats & Tiaras

I was flipping through channels tonight and landed at “Toddlers & Tiaras“. OH MUH GAWD! I was ready to crawl through the screen and punch these mothers in the face!! These little girls are insufferable, little snots! There was NOTHING cute about any of this crap. Three year olds were telling adults to SHUT […]