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Bullying Killed Denise Fernatt (Part I)

Yesterday I wrote about the Denise Fernatt case in Fayette County, West Virginia. As information comes in, I will continue to add to this case. It is becoming clear that individuals in the community who consider themselves the “elite” are involved and not one of them has been charged criminally for their actions and complicity in Denise’s death because West Virginia’s laws are antiquated and haven’t caught up with the internet. It is also looking like the Glasgow Police Department may have bungled this case from the onset because of individuals who were involved and probably because like many small town police departments, they just don’t have the technical abilities or qualifications to handle a crime that involves the internet…
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Fire & Iron MC Members Accused of Causing Suicide of Denise Fernatt

On August 5, 2017 Denise Fernatt jumped to her death from the New River Gorge Bridge. The bridge stands 876 feet above the New River. Six days prior her “friends” began posting personal photos that they retrieved from her laptop without permission. The photos were boudoir photographs meant to be shared between a husband and a wife. Instead, these ghouls stole them and for six days, they tormented and harassed Denise so much that she jumped from the bridge. They used social media and even went so far as to print out pictures to plaster all over town in order to destroy her life, family and her career. Denise felt so threatened by these individuals that she was worried about her personal…
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