“HALP! They Are Bullying Me!”

For nearly a decade, William Murtaugh and his associates have been a pain in my ass.  For years, I ignored “Murt” because I figured that he would get bored and go away, but cyberstalking is a compulsion, and Murt is unable to control his impulses. Nor are his friends able to do so.  You know what they say, “Birds of a feather, flock together”.  Rather than ignore me or the others who he claims are “cyberstalking” him, Murt likes to play the I’m a poor widowed, innocent, old truck driver routine.  He is FAR from innocent.  Murt is the classic TROLL.  When he isn’t getting any negative attention, he creates sock accounts to poke at people to get a response.  If you flick him on the end of his nose, and give him the attention he is craving, he screams BULLY!!! STALKER!!!  One might wonder why not just ignore the … Continue reading →

“What Do You Have on Prinnie?”

“What do you have on Prinnie that can help KY go after her?”  Now why would Donna Fosnight contact someone on Twitter in an attempt to glean information from them?  Surely she wasn’t trying to get my address so she could send me a Christmas card.  Nope, but what she was doing here on October 11, 2015 is what she has been doing for 10 years.  Slinking in the shadows of DM’s or rogue emails to people who have issue with me and making contact with them for the purpose of harassment.  I’m not surprised.  As I said, she has been doing these things for 10 years. Ten years is a long time to have to deal with a stranger invading your personal life.  Long before dealing with some of the harassment I experienced because of Steubenville, Donna and a small group of individuals have made it their life’s work … Continue reading →

Are You a Stalker?

I have been very hesitant to discuss this subject publicly because I am the victim of  online stalking.  I have felt as though if I talked about it, I would be seen as a crybaby and someone who was playing the victim card, so I just kept my mouth shut.  TRUST that I will not name the perpetrators here.  I have not uttered the names for years publicly and will not do so now.  I have made police reports but really…what does that do?  Law enforcement refuses to see that there is a problem online when the victims are adults.  Their solution is to turn off your computer and shut up.  But, it’s not as easy as just turning off your computer.  The information that is out there can be seen by anyone. Recently photoshopped emails allegedly sent by me were posted online, but anyone with half a braincell  can … Continue reading →