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Name: Unknown

A few years back, I became involved in trying to give an unidentified woman her name back.   She was found off of a service road in Brazoria County, Texas.   There were many murdered women who were dumped in and around this area in Brazoria County.   When a local pulled off of the road to relieve himself, he found the remains which were skeletal.   According to the medical examiner, her remains had…
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1974 Cold Case Solved

These are the kinds of news stories that I like reading!  Curtis Tucker, who is a 63-year old veteran living in Oakland, California was arrested and charged for the murder and sexual assault of 13-year old, Julie McElhiney.  He was arrested at the Oakland Veterans Affairs clinic.  On August 9, 1974 her mother found her in the home deceased with a blow to the head.  For decades the case was cold, and there were no…
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