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Tard Warriors & the Fifth

I haven’t slept yet because I’ve been up all night doing homework.  I am bettering myself, unlike others who are sitting on their fat rears, tormenting people on the interwebz and screeching about a dead baby that they don’t know…didn’t know…Caylee would have HAULED ASS if she got within 5″ of them because children have a natural booger eater detection sensor, and those who are e-loving and using their keyboards to be “WARRIORS FER CAYLEE”. …
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Shut Up and Pray

Christians, cover your eyes because you are probably going to be butt hurt…no, I can   guarantee that you will be butt hurt when all is said and done, but it is my blog and I can say what I want to.  So, there – you have been warned!  I have really come to dislike most of the “Christian” population and that in itself isn’t very nice of me to say, but honestly most of…
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Fall Has Fallen

Autumn is my MOST favorite season of all time, but sadly the one that follows is not.  Since I have had spinal fusion surgery the cold weather is really a bummer and causes me much grief because of the arthritis and pain.  However, it is just as beautiful as autumn is – just a wee bit colder. This photo was taken at Babcock State Park in West Virginia.  There are so many photo opportunities in…
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