Deric Lostutter Reporting Facebook Posts

EVERYONE knows that Lostutter is using the internet.  Apparently, his PO does not or hasn’t been able to prove that he is.  This evening when I logged onto Facebook, I was forced to acknowledge a takedown notice from FB about a post that was reported and taken down from our defense fund page.  There is NO ONE who would benefit from having his bad behavior removed from the internet other than Deric Lostutter.  While Deric Lostutter awaits sentencing for conspiracy and lying to a federal agent, rather than spend time with his wife and newborn baby, he is spending his days scribbling his illegible psychosis and filing pleadings, subpoenas and discovery requests which have been deemed MOOT due to the pending ruling on a Motion to Dismiss the federal civil suit he filed against us.  There is not one thing … Continue reading →

Violating the Terms of Release Again

Today I received Lostutter’s federal complaint via deputy process server.  Not a problem.  We have filed a Motion to Dismiss in federal court to rule on the matter of lack of personal jurisdiction.  We are not compelled to answer the complaint until this  matter is resolved.  However, in the documents was this photograph with scribbled notes by Lostutter. Target?  How about Defendant? The other item of interest is regarding my employment.  I know for a FACT that Lostutter has been communicating with two degenerates who have not only reached out to complete strangers on the internet in the hopes that these individuals would third party harass for them, but they have also provided Lostutter with my employment information.  Furthermore, Lostutter has telephoned the Sheriff’s office regularly to determine whether I have been served or not.  There were other notes left … Continue reading →

Serious SLAPP Discussion

Around this time 4 years ago I was being sued for anonymous comments made on this blog regarding the Steubenville rape case.  The Plaintiffs in that lawsuit were attempting to identify individuals who opted to use pseudonyms rather than their real names to discuss the case and offer their opinions.  Their fears regarding use of a pseudonym rather than a real name was genuine.  They live in a small town where everyone knows everyone, and if they used their real names, there was a very real possibility that they would be subject to harassment or family members would be harassed.  Their fear was very real. During the time that I wrote about this case my family and deceased relatives were targeted, and I was subject to very real, very hateful harassment.  My location was disclosed and I was forced to … Continue reading →

Demand This: Get Bent

WARNING:  I am feeling stabby and rightfully so. Deric Lostutter filed a “Demand for Preservation of Electronically Stored Information” in our federal case yesterday.  I have taken the liberty of transcribing his second grade looking scribbles that he submits to the court.  He can’t even be bothered to go to WalMart and buy a $1 legal pad so the paper is lined.  There isn’t much to say about this “demand” other than it is RIDICULOUS and a fishing expedition to gain the names of others who he can harass.  Another interesting tidbit is where Mr. Lostutter is getting information from when he isn’t supposed to be communicating with anyone but his family and defense team. Right, Dave and Karen? Did you know your boyfriend is communicating with a convicted felon for the purpose of harassing me and in violation of … Continue reading →

What a Tangled Web He Weaves

A magistrate’s decision was entered  in the Motion to Suppress Evidence filed on behalf of Deric Lostutter in federal court.  And oh what an eye opener that Recommendation was!!!  For almost 4 years, Deric Lostutter has been telling anyone who would listen what a bad ass he is and that when a search warrant was executed on his property that the FBI and SWAT came storming in, weapons drawn and ordered him to the ground. As it turns out…Deric wasn’t telling the truth when he told his story about the “raid”.  I know…hard to believe, but his testimony and that of his brother were noted to be utterly unbelievable and it was that the cursing, gun wielding,  mean old FBI and SWAT agents were a figment of Deric’s overly active imagination.   When the SWAT team pulled in, his shotgun was resting … Continue reading →