Murtwitnessone…At It Again But “It” Never Stopped


For anyone who has read my blogs over the years, or who has been a member of a true crime forum…you know who “Murt” is.  He uses the moniker “MURTWITNESSONE” – I assume as a reference to the news or “Eyewitness One”, etc.  He’s odd.  He’s elderly, but don’t let that fool you. He is also vicious. I try to keep my discussions about Murt to a minimum here because frankly…people are sick of his shit, and his behavior is so predictable that they don’t even raise an eyebrow anymore about it.  However, last night’s outbursts from one of his known shared sock accounts was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.  Myself and others have been dealing with Murt’s antics for nearly a decade.  That’s a long time for an old man to be vowing vengeance and those of us who have been subjected to his targeted abuse … Continue reading →

The FBI Put Equipment on His Computer

Years ago I had another true crime blog where I did a lot of blogging about the Caylee Anthony case.  What fascinated me about the case was not the factual basis of the case, but the people who were following it online.  There were A LOT of wingnuts who joined true crime forums to discuss their theories about what happened to Caylee Anthony. Some offered psychic visions of where they thought she was and some would make posts claiming that they had seen her in airports.  Reading some of their posts was both hilarious and frightening because they actually believed some of this stuff.  It was a lot to digest because these were grown men and women acting like this. One of the craziest things that I saw during that time was a group on Websleuths who were using food coloring and glue to put on paper and the paper … Continue reading →


I have written about Leonard McQuown in the past regarding his Operation Walk America, Operation Walk, among his other VERY questionable charities he has devised over the past few years.  In my short time of following this character, he has proven time and time again that his mission is not to help homeless veterans but to fill his pockets by using the plight of homeless veterans as a marketing platform. Today, McQuown decided that it was time to run around his Florida neighborhood have people pay him for it, and he had the audacity to do so in honor of 9/11.  This makes his fraud even more deprave if that’s even possible at this point.  To use our homeless American servicemen and women as a way to prey on giving people is despicable.  Not ONE PENNY has EVER been accounted for.  McQuown has NEVER shown proof that ANY veterans organization … Continue reading →

Public Warning: Scammer Mac McQuown At It Again

A few months ago I did a blog piece on Leonard Dale “Mac” McQuown, a man from Florida who had been walking across the United States claiming that his good deed was being done for the benefit of homeless veterans.  In 2011 McQuown allegedly founded a charitable organization called Operation Walk America.  McQuown used the “organization” as a ruse to solicit funds and convert them to personal use when no legally registered 501(c)(3) organization existed.  During the course of his “walk” and not so charitable fundraiser he defrauded many, including being at the center of romance scams along the way. McQuown has no boundaries where his fraud is concerned.  If using the plight of homeless veterans is not bad enough, he has also played on the sympathies of individuals who he deceived into believing were donating an Apple iPad to a wounded veteran who was in a wheelchair and paraplegic.  … Continue reading →

Update: McQuown Operation Walk America Cancelled

I wanted to post an update that McQuown has hung up his shoes and his nefarious walk for “homeless veterans” is over.  GOOD!  Had he been transparent as he vowed he would and proven that the donations received actually benefited homeless veterans this would have had a different ending. This is also a reminder to people that when you feel compelled to donate to a charity or organization you should research it first to determine if it is legitimate or not.

Leonard Mac McQuown: A Walking Dishonorable Sham

Mr. McQuown has in fact defrauded a legitimate nonprofit organization of a donation of $250.00 by requesting a refund from PayPal within 2 hours of making said donation. Raven’s Outreach did speak to the local media in Baton Rouge, LA and an official statement was released by Raven’s Outreach. A link to the public statement is provided for your convenience.

PHONE NUMBER CELL : 352-210-6836

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Missing Children

Tonight on Twitter a conversation was going on about missing children and specifically about Elizabeth Johnson, mother of missing 8-month old Gabriel who disappeared nearly three years ago.  Some history on the case for those not familiar, but Elizabeth Johnson  initially told the baby’s father  that she killed Gabriel and dumped him in a trash bin.  She later recanted and told police that she gave Gabriel to a couple at a San Antonio, TX park.  She never provided the couple’s names and refused to do so during Friday’s hearing where she was sentenced and Gabriel’s body has never been found.  It is unlikely that Elizabeth Johnson will ever tell the truth about what happened to her son, and another child joins the ranks of missing in a case that may never be solved. The conversation turned to how specific groups online pick and choose which high profile case they adopt … Continue reading →

Twitter TOS Violator & Harasser

I have not said a lot about the Trayvon Martin case because quite frankly, the media is using their giant spoon to stir up a pot of frenzy with their very unbalanced reporting of this news item.  I am holding out for the FACTS based on EVIDENCE before forming a strong opinion one way or another.  However, I will point out the irresponsible and socially repugnant behavior of one Spike Lee. Spike Lee has been very vocal regarding where he stands on this case, and had been tweeting heavily.  But on March 23rd, he got in over his head.  He let his rage take control of his rationale and decided to retweet the home address of what he ASSumed was George Zimmerman’s home address. The original tweet was sent out by Marcus D. Higgins, @MACCAPONE a 33-year-old Los Angeles man. Lee was one of the people Higgins tweeted to get … Continue reading →

Oh, the Irony

I just read a tweet that I find dripping with irony and am I am truly appalled — first of all that these people are HARASSING an innocent person because his church may or may not have given refuge to the woman they are criminally stalking.  Secondly, that church would not have to have chains and no trespassing signs if it were not for the mouth breathers who  have the big O at the thought of stringing Casey up and burning her at the stake.  What century are we living in, by the way? Sickening! This case has brought out some of the most low-rent, undesirable shit bags on the internet and they should all be ashamed of themselves for the way they are acting. … Continue reading →

Stick a Brick In It

For some time I have silently pondered the fact that Bring Kids Home is not all that they have presented themselves as – with all of their ongoing volunteer drama, the refusal to bring to light their financial affairs although they are a nonprofit and are to be fully transparent upon request.  But, today…I am convinced that anyone else who gives these tards money deserves to have a hole burnt in their pocket!  From their website: Funds From Florida: Sadly less then $3,500 was donated by the citizens and the local business community of Florida. The good news is that support is coming in from other states and countries; this demonstrates how Caylee touched the lives of people around the world. We are confident more businesses and organizations from Florida will join us as we work to raise the remaining $50,000. We are surprised that the Orlando Sentinel, Wesh News, … Continue reading →