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Punching for Jesus

I will probably offend a few people with this post, but if you believe this heap of horse doodie, I probably wouldn’t want to maintain a friendship with you to begin with. Here goes.

Todd Bentley, a convicted criminal and founded the revivalist organization Fresh Fire USA. Bentley has come under fire because he “heals” […]

Got Wood?

The wood fairies are paying girls to be girlfriends and locking them up when they aren’t. LMAO! Great stuff! More stories to come, and I’m keeping notes!!

Frenzied Wackjobs

As expected, the Tards4Caylee are shitting their pants in a cyber-frenzy showing how much they e-love Caylee, sweet Baby Jesus Precious Caylee who they idolize and have claimed as their own. Why? What in the world is behaving in this way doing to help other children? Someone, please explain it to me. Have I just […]

Just Choke Yourself

It looks like one of the Tards 4 Caylee groups has dried up and gone bye-bye. I assume that their families have put all of the hand-wringing haus fraus in mental institutions where they belong. There’s a straggler though. Abbey Love Smith a “warrior for Caylee” thinks that Caylee was abused. Hardly. Are these booger […]

Pedophile Gets Custody

WHAT is going on in Florida? Seriously! Florida people, cover your eyes and don’t read — but you are living in the sphincter hole of the universe! While everyone is squawking about “where’s Casey” – how about they start paying attention to some of the CRAP that is happening in their state? It is high […]