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Deric & Jenny Lostutter: The Great Blue Waffle Saga of the Summer

NEVER a dull moment with this socially inept, bottom feeding prison incarcerate.  Apparently during his staycation at BOP’s federal resort in Virginia, Deric has located a typewriter as he filed MORE gibberish with the federal court that wasn’t submitted in his usual third grade scribbles.   Honestly, he should be more concerned with doing his time than filing this ridiculous garbage that he continues to send to the federal court in our case. Although, I…
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Even After Being Incarcerated, Lostutter Spews His Bullshit

Deric Lostutter is never ever going to admit that he is a liar nor is he ever going to stop using the rape of a young girl as a means to justify his grandiose claims of being a knight in shining armor.  Even from the cold reality of being incarcerated, he continues to spew his proven lies. On May 1, his wife, Jennifer Lostutter, posted this on his behalf.  Grab a chunk bucket and some…
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