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Deric Lostutter Violates Terms of Release…Again

I would like to say that I am shocked, but I’m not. ┬áDeric Lostutter has been given every chance under the sun by the US District Court to prove himself worthy of the privilege of self reporting to the Bureau of Prisons on May 8, but in true Lostutter fashion he has continued to thumb his nose at the Court. Not a wise idea, and on Thursday, April 13 he will have to explain why…
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Letters to the Judge In Lostutter Case: Have You Sent Yours?

Convicted felon, Deric Lostutter‘s sentencing in his federal criminal case happens in two weeks from today – March 8 at 9AM EST.  Many have submitted letters, including his mother and “partner” Skye Casserotti who made false claims on Deric’s behalf.  I’m not surprised.  Nothing about Deric Lostutter or his family and friends shocks me anymore.   There are only 13 more days until the sentencing.  For those who want to mail a letter to the…
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200 Pages of Handwritten Gibberish

Our attorney, Daniel Gibson, filed the motion to dismiss and brief in support of motion to dismiss and motion for a gatekeeper order.  We are asking the court to prevent Deric from filing further legal actions against us unless represented by an attorney and getting permission from the court, and Deric did not disappoint in his responsive pleadings.  If you can call them “responsive”.  What he submitted was 200 pages of handwritten gibberish, except for…
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