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Remembering Jessica Sacco

Matthew Puccio seems to have taken center-stage in this case, and because of his eagerness to tell the media what a bad ass he is, and how he had such a bad life – the victim in this tragedy is taking a backseat.  Jessica Rae Sacco did NOT ask to be murdered as Puccio contends.  She was viciously attacked in her home, and with the help of four other monsters her body was desecrated and…
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Killer Clown

Someone is missing her killer boyfriend. Linda O. Janevski (Splinda Julggalette) How did Linda get Jessica’s pants?  The ones that Matthew are wearing in this photo.  This is the woman that Matthew was with when she told the media that he tossed the bag over the side.  What part, if any, does Linda play in all of this?

Jessica Sacco Case: Juggalette Murder

The Jessica Rae Sacco case is now being reported by the news as being linked to “Juggalo gang activity” just as I wrote when I put the blog article up last night. Two friends (a mother and daughter from Hamilton, Ohio) who were with Matthew and accomplices state that they saw the bag containing Jessica’s remains, and that they saw him throw the bag from the car.  One of the “friends” stated in an interview…
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Jessica Sacco Murder: Down with the Clown

I will NEVER understand this subculture no matter how hard I try. For those who are not familiar with the clown-faced degenerates, they are “Juggalos” who are fans of the very untalented rap group Insane Clown Posse or ICP.  The band is the self-proclaimed “most hated band” ever and their fans are maniacal in their support of the band.  I write about them because of a murder that took place in Urbana, Ohio almost 2…
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