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The Twisted Life of Gypsy Rose Blancharde

A few weeks ago, a friend posted on my Facebook about a missing persons/murder case in her hometown of Springfield, MO.  The mother of a disabled girl was found stabbed to death in her bedroom, and the disabled daughter was gone – nowhere to be found, and her wheelchair was left behind.  A strange message was posted on the Facebook account that they shared.  That in itself caused me to give the ol side eye.  Gypsy Blancharde was allegedly in her late teens yet shared a Facebook account with her mother?  The message posted said “That bitch is dead” followed by an equally disturbing “I fucken SLASHED THAT FAT PIG AND RAPED HER SWEET INNOCENT DAUGHTER…HER SCREAM WAS SOOOO FUCKEN LOUD LOL.”

When friends of the Blanchardes couldn’t reach them by phone, they became worried that something was wrong.  It was then that a neighbor crawled into the house and not finding anything amiss, the police were called who entered the house to find Claudinnea “Dee Dee ” Blancharde face down in her bedroom and stabbed to death. 

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Doctor Indicted in Murder of Deanna Ballman

Ali Salim, 44, a New Albany, Ohio ER physician who previously worked at Knox County Hospital was indicted in the murder of Deanna Ballman and her unborn child by a Delaware County grand jury.  He was arrested at his home yesterday without incident.  I wrote about Deanna’s case last August when she went missing. Deanna disappeared on July 31.  She told her mother that she was going to clean a house in New Albany.  She had answered an ad on Craigslist.  She  left her two children, ages 1 and 3 years, with her mother in Pataskala.  Deanna had just moved back to the area from Colorado where she was an Army Reservist and was going through a divorce.  She was also nine months pregnant with a baby girl she planned to name Mabel Lily.

When Deanna did not come home that night her mother became worried and called Pataskala Police to report her missing.  She had received a phone call from Deanna that disturbed her.  She said Deanna had told her that she didn’t feel right and was feeling dizzy.  Deanna was due to deliver her child soon.   Deanna’s car was found in Delaware County when someone called the sheriff’s office to report that a car with Colorado license plates was parked in the grass near the tree line along the road.  Deanna’s body was found in the backseat.  A coroner’s report determined that she had died of a heroin overdose and her death was ruled suspicious.  Deanna’s family was adamant that she was not a known heroin user and maintained all along that she had met with foul play.

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Cold Case: Bill Comeans

Cold cases tear at my heart strings but when they involve the unsolved murders of children, they are even more upsetting.   Bill Comeans was 5 days from turning 15-years old when he was murdered in Columbus, Ohio.   He was a student at Westland High School in Galloway, Ohio.  I attended this high school and Bill grew up in my neighborhood.  Everyone who knew him had nothing but glowing comments about him.  He was a  thoughtful, loving kid with a giant heart.  He had a paper route that he got so he could use his earnings to buy a piano.  Every year he played Santa Claus for the neighbor boy.  It brought him great joy to spread kindness to others, but someone wanted to harm Bill.  That is what is so unbelievable about this case.  Bill had no enemies that anyone knew of.  He was well liked by everyone.

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A Lesson in Forgiveness

About 20+ years ago, I lived in eastern Ohio and had a friend who was a student at the local Catholic university. That summer, two men broke into his home that he shared with two fellow students.  They violently assaulted his two roommates. Fortunately, he was able to slip out of a bedroom window and run to a neighbor’s home to call 911. During the short time that it took police to arrive, the perpetrators kidnapped his roommates and drove off in their vehicle headed for the Pennsylvania border, where they marched both boys up the hill and shot them.  It then took 10 years to get convictions for their crimes as the Ohio Supreme Court overturned both murder convictions because of a jurisdictional issue.  They were retried in Pennsylvania and both are currently serving life sentences for their crimes.

What the point of this post is, the mothers of these boys forgave their killers.  They have both created foundations that are still up and running to this day and even though they had to wait for ten years to get to the end of their judicial journey, neither ever claimed that they “hated” the men who killed their sons.  Instead, they took the horrible hand dealt them and did something positive for humanity in the name of their children.

It is so easy for people to sit online and spew their vitriol (and I won’t mention names or specific cases) but at the end of the day my question is what good will really come of their behavior?  Many of these people claim to have Christian values but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the daily hate-fests.

Isn’t it time to take a lesson from these families and do something positive with their energy that honors victims?


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Murder Plot Foiled

Grace Dillman and her boyfriend, Robert Best, who she met on the internet in 2009 were arrested and charged with attempted murder for a plot to kill her father. The pair had been planning the murder for a month.  Last week Grace called Best in Indiana where he lived and told him to come to Ohio.  He drove for hours and arrived at the Gahanna home in the early morning hours where they stood over her father several times ready to attack.  Their plan was to slit Grace’s father and mother’s throats and stage the scene to look like a home invasion.

At some point during the knife attack on Mr. Dillman, Robert Best learned that Grace had been untruthful about the circumstances that he was led to believe warranted the need to brutally murder her parents.  It was then that he initiated first aid to Mr. Dillman and Mrs. Dillman called 911 for assistance.  It hasn’t been released just what the reasons for the plan were, but Grace Dillman’s church is in disbelief that one of their flock would try to kill her parents.

Best is cooperating with law enforcement and Grace Dillman has hired an attorney.



Remembering Jessica Sacco

Matthew Puccio seems to have taken center-stage in this case, and because of his eagerness to tell the media what a bad ass he is, and how he had such a bad life – the victim in this tragedy is taking a backseat.  Jessica Rae Sacco did NOT ask to be murdered as Puccio contends.  She was viciously attacked in her home, and with the help of four other monsters her body was desecrated and thrown into a ravine like trash.  Matthew Puccio is a sociopath.  He is playing the media because he finally is “somebody” – even if it means he is loathed and hated.  This is probably the first real attention that Matthew Puccio has experienced in his life.

While Puccio was in Texas he met Jessica on Facebook.  It seems like Facebook was a place where she went to for solace – a place that she could make friends easily, and it became the place that led to her death.  It is a travesty that Matthew Puccio belittles and blames his victim who from all appearances was nothing more than a young girl who was looking for love and acceptance – even if it meant putting up with the likes of the bottom feeder, Matthew Puccio and his leech friends, the Forney’s.

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The Last Word

When Josh Powell brutally attacked and burned his children to death last week, I was too angry to even write about it.  I was angry that Child Protective Services would take the kids to HIS home for supervised visits.  I have never heard of such a thing.  It is always done at a neutral area or at the Department of Social Services so that the kids are in a controlled environment.  I assume that there will be lawsuits, and Washington‘s laws regarding how they handle custodial issues and supervised visitation will later reflect the outcome of this litigation.  At least I hope that change is forthcoming before other children are slain by their parents or custodians.

Josh Powell was a monster.  A cold and calculated monster who planned the deaths of his children, and likely murdered their mother.  The home he was living in was staged to present a loving father with photos of Susan and the family precariously placed for the best theatrical affect.  Josh Powell was mentally ill.  I truly believe this.  No normal person goes to these great lengths to terminate their entire family.  He grew up with an abusive father who we now have come to know was a voyeur, pervert and possessor of child pornography.  Josh Powell was found to have had incestuous computer generated porn on his computer.  The images were said to be “realistic, computer-generated depictions of incestuous parent-child relations” and were disturbing enough to prompt the psychologist to recommend  an intensive psychosexual evaluation. He was a very controlling and abusive person, and  Susan Powell was trying to get out of the relationship and get her children away from him. 

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This will be short and sweet, but I wanted to post this.  The FBI has defined individuals used by the media as:

Individuals utilized by the media to comment on serial murder cases include both experts and pseudoexperts. Experts are identified as academicians, researchers, retired law enforcement officials, mental health professionals, and retired law enforcement profilers who have developed specific knowledge and experience in serial murder investigations. Pseudoexperts are self-proclaimed profilers and others who profess to have an expertise in serial murder, when, in fact, their experience is limited or non-existent. The media will recruit talking heads, whether true experts or pseudoexperts, to offer their opinions on current cases, when they have no official role in the investigation and no access to any of the intimate facts of the case.

When individuals appear in the media and discuss ongoing cases, they have an enormous potential to negatively influence investigations and may even cause irreversible damage. They often speculate on the motive for the murders and the possible characteristics of the offender. Such statements can misinform the public and may heighten fears in a community. They may contribute to mistrust and a lack of confidence in law enforcement and, more importantly, may taint potential jury pools. These statements may also impact the behavior of the serial murderer, because it is unlikely that an offender discriminates between a talking head and a law enforcement official actively involved in the case. When offenders are challenged by statements or derogatory comments made in the media, they may destroy evidence, or more tragically, react violently.


According to the pseudoexpert, serial killers don’t achieve much in life.?  Really?  Tell that to Ted Bundy.

…and why didn’t she correct this OBVIOUS error regarding credentials? Former FBI criminal profiler?  WHAT! Starts at 1:55.  She did GREAT *sarcasm* profiling this case by the way.

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Implied Credibility = CRAP!

I realize that I at times have some colorful descriptions of the people and activity that I see on the interwebz, and am surely called a few choice names myself, but the lack of intelligence by some in the true crime community is mind boggling!  After giving it much thought lately – people are just outright dumb asses.  I honestly believe that the internet is becoming a gathering place for mentally unhinged and socially stunted individuals.  The general consensus is “if I read it on the interwebz and it’s on the TV then *grunt* it must be true!”.   No one wants to do their research anymore.  They are happy to just swallow whatever said talking head spits down their throats and call it a day.  The internet is filled with CREDIBLE information if people would just look for it rather than just implicitly drinking the snake oil that is being fed to them by the media.  Implied credibility is NOT real.  Just because someone is on television, it does not make them an expert on anything other than tooting their horn and collecting a paycheck for their time.

One of my issues with implied credibility and the media is they continue to have these people on their shows who do not have the professional credentials to speak for their implied professions.  The uneducated masses believe that just because Nancy Grace says so — by God this is the truth and this person speaks for all!!  Is it because they are just too dumb to care?  There is someone who appears regularly on some of the news shows who, in my opinion and according to tard logic, because I say so that might make me an expert, has very questionable credentials.  In fact, she has NO real credentials other than those that she has “implied” or created by way of “reading lots of books”.  I won’t bother to mention her name.  I think everyone knows who it is, but apparently her panties are in a twist because someone in her field got a television series and she didn’t.  She is throwing an internet temper tantrum and asking people to boycott the show.  NEWSFLASH:  she nor Nancy Disgrace have enough viewership to be more than a nuisance to that network.

She issued a diatribe about what profiling is and I’m giggling like a schoolgirl at the irony! The basic idea of profiling is very simple. Its aim is to predict characteristics of the  undetected offender(s) from characteristics of the offense(s) and the victims (Farrington,  2007).  Criminal profiling is the process of using behavioral evidence left at a crime scene to make inferences about the offender, including inferences about personality characteristics and psychopathology.  In its most basic form, profiling is simply the “postdiction of behavior; an action has taken place that allows investigators to make inferences about the person responsible” (Davis & Follette, 2002).  It just DOES NOT happen like it does on shows like Criminal Minds.

Profiles are also subjective and contain varying amounts of accuracy, if accurate at all.  There is a lack of information regarding  cases where profiling made a critical contribution to an investigation, and I have found NO PUBLISHED CASES that said “profiler” has solved or assisted on in a professional capacity – other than making INFERENCE on television and dropping her favorite adjective to describe the psychopath du jour.  Can someone please point these cases out to me?  Am I just overlooking them?  WHAT serial killing cases does she have anything more than IMPLIED knowledge?  Help me out here. 

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