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Some people deserve to be peed on #whoareyou

“Some people deserve to be peed on #whoareyou

It is a distasteful statement when made in the context that it was.  It is even more distasteful to think that it was posted to brag.

When I found this particular tweet during my research about the allegations of rape at Steubenville High School,  I sat in front of my screen in disbelief.  I tried to let the words sink in.  I was repulsed because I knew the context in which this statement was made and then I became very angry.  Angry that another human being would find even a morsel of pleasure regarding such a sadistic act.   There is not a lot to say about this particular tweet.  I will let the words of its author speak for themselves.


You can see the cache of this tweet and retweets by clicking the screenshot or by clicking here.