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Murder Plot Foiled

Grace Dillman and her boyfriend, Robert Best, who she met on the internet in 2009 were arrested and charged with attempted murder for a plot to kill her father. The pair had been planning the murder for a month.  Last week Grace called Best in Indiana where he lived and told him to come to Ohio.  He drove for hours and arrived at the Gahanna home in the early morning hours where they stood over…
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She'll Take Care of Them…RIGHT!

Terry Thompson was hellbent on getting the exotic animals back that her were spared from the slaughter that came as a result of her dead husband’s completely irresponsible actions of releasing all of the exotic animals that he had hoarded collected as bartered items from gun trades.  She fought the State of Ohio to demand the return of 5 animals and made claims that she loved these animals dearly and wanted them back.  Terry is…
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Exotic Animals Returned to Owner

The Columbus Zoo returned 5 exotic animals to their owner, Marian Thompson today.  The Columbus Zoo had been caring for the animals since they were removed from the Thompson farm in Zanesville on Oct. 19, 2011 a day after owner, Terry Thompson released 59 other animals and committed suicide.  Fearing for the public’s safety, authorities gunned down 48 of the animals. When the animals were removed from the farm, they were found to be living…
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