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  • RT @vicenews: Prosecutors have released a frame-by-frame analysis of the Tamir Rice shooting video:…
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  • RT @katherinemiller: Here's how national pro-choice activists are firing up the network post-Colorado #PPShooting
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  • Now this is how you enjoy a Sunday afternoon.
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  • speaking of hit and runs - crazy deleted again. LOL bzzzz
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Reno Will Take Care of It

I found this comment on the Youtube video by ruckuslike and wanted to post it. It has been said time and time again that “Reno would take care of it”, and that student athletes are considered local celebrities.

Some people deserve to be peed on #whoareyou

“Some people deserve to be peed on #whoareyou ”

It is a distasteful statement when made in the context that it was. It is even more distasteful to think that it was posted to brag.

When I found this particular tweet during my research about the allegations of rape at Steubenville High School, I sat […]

Steubenville Big Red Rape Accusations: The Other Perpetrators

On August 11, students from Steubenville High School or “Big Red” as it is known locally, attended various end of the summer parties in the Ohio Valley. That night while in attendance at a party that was allegedly held at a COACH’s home, underage students were drinking to celebrate the end of the summer. For […]