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Tribal Meth Abuse

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the firstcase to be charged under the new Caylee’s Law in South Dakota.  Taylor and Laurie Cournoyer were charged with felony counts of child abuse and failure to report the death of a child in relation to the homicide of 2-year-old RieLee Lovell.  The Cournoyers are the first people in the state charged with a violation of the failure to report statute, which makes it a felony to…
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Caylee's Law Case – South Dakota

RieLee Lovell was 2-years old when she was found dead in a home in Wagner, SD on July 4th.  Her caregivers, Laurie and Taylor Cournoyer telephoned 911 last week and reported her unresponsive.  The problem was she had been unresponsive for a day and a half – and dead in a closet.  During the time of her death and the time they decided to telephone 911 they were using meth, drinking and smoking pot.  It…
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