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  • RT @srinic2: “Rosa Parks held no elected office. She wasn't born into wealth or power. Yet 60yrs ago today, she changed America" https://t.…
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  • I can't watch another episode of Intervention. It's just too overwhelming to me. It always upsets me when the people don't stick to recovery
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  • @whiteangora yea I think for sure she would prob hurt someone if she felt I was in danger. I'll have to post video of her talking back to me
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Some people deserve to be peed on #whoareyou

“Some people deserve to be peed on #whoareyou ”

It is a distasteful statement when made in the context that it was. It is even more distasteful to think that it was posted to brag.

When I found this particular tweet during my research about the allegations of rape at Steubenville High School, I sat […]

Steubenville Big Red Rape Accusations: The Other Perpetrators

On August 11, students from Steubenville High School or “Big Red” as it is known locally, attended various end of the summer parties in the Ohio Valley. That night while in attendance at a party that was allegedly held at a COACH’s home, underage students were drinking to celebrate the end of the summer. For […]

Big Red Players Accused of Rape & Kidnapping

For anyone who has lived in the Ohio Valley area, they know that high school football is a very important part of the culture of that area. High school football Friday nights are a source of entertainment for young and old. The local television stations even curtail regular programming to run the games live. To […]