Update: McQuown Operation Walk America Cancelled

I wanted to post an update that McQuown has hung up his shoes and his nefarious walk for “homeless veterans” is over.  GOOD!  Had he been transparent as he vowed he would and proven that the donations received actually benefited homeless veterans this would have had a different ending. This is also a reminder to people that when you feel compelled to donate to a charity or organization you should research it first to determine if it is legitimate or not.

Leonard Mac McQuown: A Walking Dishonorable Sham

Mr. McQuown has in fact defrauded a legitimate nonprofit organization of a donation of $250.00 by requesting a refund from PayPal within 2 hours of making said donation. Raven’s Outreach did speak to the local media in Baton Rouge, LA and an official statement was released by Raven’s Outreach. A link to the public statement is provided for your convenience.

PHONE NUMBER CELL : 352-210-6836

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Name: Unknown

A few years back, I became involved in trying to give an unidentified woman her name back.   She was found off of a service road in Brazoria County, Texas.   There were many murdered women who were dumped in and around this area in Brazoria County.   When a local pulled off of the road to relieve himself, he found the remains which were skeletal.   According to the medical examiner, her remains had been there for a few years.   No one knew who she was, and to this day she remains unidentified. What intrigued me about this particular case was the Class of 1975 Robert E. Lee High School class ring that was on her finger.   The school was located in Houston, Texas, and has since been renamed “Lee High School”. One would think that this … Continue reading →

Remembering Jessica Sacco

Matthew Puccio seems to have taken center-stage in this case, and because of his eagerness to tell the media what a bad ass he is, and how he had such a bad life – the victim in this tragedy is taking a backseat.  Jessica Rae Sacco did NOT ask to be murdered as Puccio contends.  She was viciously attacked in her home, and with the help of four other monsters her body was desecrated and thrown into a ravine like trash.  Matthew Puccio is a sociopath.  He is playing the media because he finally is “somebody” – even if it means he is loathed and hated.  This is probably the first real attention that Matthew Puccio has experienced in his life. While Puccio was in Texas he met Jessica on Facebook.  It seems like Facebook was a place where she … Continue reading →

Outright Child Abuse

Judge William Adams has issued a statement about why he beat the crap out of his daughter with a belt, and says it’s not as bad as it looks.  I beg to differ.  That beating was nothing more than child abuse and it WAS a vicious beating, and while the daughter, Hillary says that her mother was forced or brainwashed into assisting him, I’m not buying it.  She TOLD on her daughter.  Any abused woman that I know (and I have known a few) will NOT TELL their husband that the children have behaved badly because they fear that the children will be beaten.  Aunt Crazy never told Ike when the boys were bad because she KNEW that he would savagely beat them when he found out.  I don’t believe that the former Mrs. Adams didn’t enjoy lashing her child.  … Continue reading →