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Steubenville Facts

The City of Steubenville has opened a webpage to provide information to the public. Below is the information released thus far.

August 11-12, 2012. The incident that began this case occurred.

August 14, 2012. The incident was reported to Steubenville Police. 0140

August 16, 2012. Electronic devices of people who potentially had knowledge […]

Collateral Damage

I watched the “Nodi Wylin About a Dead Girl” video today and it took nearly an hour to finish listening to it. It was a very painful 12 minutes 29 seconds. The content of the video was just THAT horrible. Almost two months ago when I first started writing about the Steubenville case, I detailed […]

Big Red Players Accused of Rape & Kidnapping

For anyone who has lived in the Ohio Valley area, they know that high school football is a very important part of the culture of that area. High school football Friday nights are a source of entertainment for young and old. The local television stations even curtail regular programming to run the games live. To […]

No Criminal Charges for Rotten Apples

This REALLY saddens me. Local news from Greece, NY is reporting that the four boys will NOT face criminal charges. WHY NOT? This was obviously not their first rodeo with bullying ans the bus monitor says that they have harassed her before. Others from the school have accused the boys of being bullies. My thoughts […]

Your Kids SUCK!!

When I was young, we rode the bus to and from school every morning and every afternoon. It always got a little wild when we had a substitute driver for our usual driver, Mr. Royster. He didn’t put up with a lot of BS on his bus and wasn’t afraid to stop the bus and […]

Bring Mickey Home

Lafayette, LA – Detectives with the Lafayette Police Department continue to search for clues which would assist them in locating Michaela “Mickey” Shunick. Shunick went missing after leaving a friend’s residence in the 100 block of Ryan Street at approximately 2:00 am on Saturday, May 19, 2012. She was wearing a pastel, multi-colored striped shirt, […]

Outright Child Abuse

Judge William Adams has issued a statement about why he beat the crap out of his daughter with a belt, and says it’s not as bad as it looks. I beg to differ. That beating was nothing more than child abuse and it WAS a vicious beating, and while the daughter, Hillary says that her […]

Jesus H. Polley!

I cannot take credit for finding this lovely. Nope. PQ from the BH forum found her and I have experienced much laughter from viewing this ponytailed train wreck! These people give crazy a whole new meaning! I watched their videos and “Speaker Polley’s” singing is to die for (literally…dogs for miles around were dropping like […]