Weirton Families in Need

Last night a gentleman contacted me about two Weirton, WV families who were in dire need of supplies for their children.  The families needed baby diapers (sizes 1, 5 and 6) and Similac with iron formula.  The children range in ages from 2 to 10 years old.  Through the use of social media we were able to get donations of food cards, gift cards and many people are sending the children much needed clothing.

While waiting for the mail to make its way to West Virginia, the kids are going to need to eat.  I spoke with Rob at Fox’s Den Pizza in Weirton and he has agreed to take phone donations towards a gift card for pizza for the weekend.  You can call (304) 723-3697 and ask for him.  He will take your cc info towards  gift certificate donation.

A very special thank you to everyone who has helped and to Kathi Eastham, owner of Fox’s Den for helping these families out!!


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  1. maddgramma says:

    Thank You for this info. Prinnie. One never knows when they may need some help and it’s great to see all of us pulling together for these families. God Bless You for makingall of us aware.

  2. BooBoo says:

    Way to go Prin, Kathi, Rob, and all those who donated!! It’s nice to see some people actually take the time to help those in need. So proud of all of you!

  3. prinnie says:

    I figured the quickest way to feed them this weekend was pizza and kids love pizza. I imagine they don’t get to have it a lot so it will be a real treat for them.

  4. Tom Canavan says:

    What’s the number for the local Wal-mart or Food Lion call me and tell me the families last names. Tom (redacted your phone #)

  5. sicnangry says:

    Prinnie, I sent you an email.

  6. JohnA says:

    Urge you to contact the Salvation Army in Weirton Their number is 304 748 5980 Also the Comminity Bread Basket in Weirton. Their phone number is 304 748-7595 Also, Cove United Presbertian Church 304 748 5980

    • peg wilson says:

      Additionally, there is the Table of Hope at the First United Methodist church on West Street. On Fridays, a weekend snack bag is given to the children. The Table of Hope is open 4:30-6:30 Monday through Friday and there is no need to show income verification; it is open to all.

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