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Becky Kemble
May 24 at 9:12 PM
Hello Amiahs Beat.
I would like to take the time to introduce Amiahs team here so that there is no doubt we are not after 5 minutes of Fame,we have had that and more.

I founded beating the drum for justice in 2013, since that time we have saved countless children and exposed many heinous crimes against children,often resulting in what we call haters defending pedophiles and child killers.
I have too numerous times been on the news to get a big head over this small group.…/a ... 9e442-d68d

Next is Sandy Carriuolo and
Latasha Case who are devoted honest child advocates whom we are privileged to have gotten.

We have Angela May who has too many credentials to list but she is our person with press pass!!
I'll allow her to list her many credentials in comments if she chooses.

We have Kattie Shumaker-Ellis who has mass credentials regarding the missing and investigations whom I'll ask to speak in comments.

We have Donna McIntyre from Indianapolis who runs big missing groups and investigations not on Facebook and has been responsible for bringing many home and or finding the truth.

We have added Sandye M Roberts who is a private investigator and has also solved many cases.

There are other secret admins here for security reasons and research.
The reason for this post is to show you all we are not here to make names for ourselves, we've already done that.
We are here for #AMIAH
Compliments and criticism are all ultimately based on some form of projection.
Billy Corgan

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